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The Friday group came together with its usual high energy…the needles were clicking and the travelers were sharing about their recent travels. Hawaii for Kimberly….Jan was gone for a couple of weeks and her travels took her to Canada and then some. I actually couldn’t keep up with her….her travels were while I was  gaining new vision. And what was on the needles….some shawls, vests, socks and on Jean’s needles – the “Beekeeper’s Quilt”. I will whip out the camera next week and share photos of their creations.

"Boys Crown" from Maurie's needles

The Saturday group also came with high energy. Some were returning from being absent from their knitting needles and another changed her group to Sat am.  Our group ranged in age from 9 to 97….I mention it only because it is wonderful to see young Rohan knitting with the more seasoned knitters….and quite comfortable at that. I was handy with the camera this morning….captured some projects….and some knitters. Here we go!

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Many thoughts have been on my mind these least few weeks…one of which is I don’t sit down as often as I would like to write about…the comments…the garments…thoughts…but here we go again. (Be sure to read to the end so that you can read about Beth.)

First…as you many of you know I recently had cataract surgery on my “good” eye (my not so good eye can get me by but it has comprised vision due to eye disease in my early 20’s). I share this with you because this recent surgery was a “big deal” that made me worry….but it was successful…and now it’s a new lease on vision…and I’m back on track…wanting to knit more and chat!

Many stories to share…but I want to start with Beth. Early in the summer Beth called and wanted to reconnect with Skein Lane. She had been a customer of the retail store front.  She has joined our Saturday knitting group and is knitting away. You might wonder what is so special about that! Beth is 97….she is one of the most pleasant people I have ever met … my cousin Diane might qualify for the same  spot. Beth knits, she volunteers, she drives, she lives by herself. Just recently she looked over at another knitter who was knitting socks and she said in her wonderful voice, “I haven’t knit socks since WWII!”

Just have to say…so glad Beth is part of our world!

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Gardening and reorganization continued to claim time from blogging and sharing this summer. We’re back once again! Fall is here and the needles are clicking!

This morning as I was surfing through my emails I stopped to read the latest from Berroco…their knitting tidbits this morning included some unique videos featuring…what else but knitting, yarn and textures. One of the videos is of the knitter  Last Knit who kept clicking….this was went around a few years ago. Enjoy….the Last Knit

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