IMG_0156What better way to get back to the blogging world of Skein Lane but by sharing the celebration of Jean’s 80th birthday. She is much beloved by her fellow FMKG (Friday Morning Knit Group) knitting gang and it was much fun pulling 11 of the gang of 16 or 17 together for a surprise lunch at Skates on the Bay this past Friday. (Thank you to Merle for being the master organizer.)

Jean knew she was being taken to lunch….the surprise was the lunch location….as well as her joint gift certificate to Avenue Yarns (our favorite LYS). Those who weren’t able to join the celebration due to work commitments or travels were certainly missed…..they sent their greetings to Jean.


Hi all!

I’ve “been away” for a bit which I will explain in another post…..but for now I want to share/announce that I have two yarns on sales online through Jul 5. The prices for Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece and Maggi’s Linen are marked down by 50%. The online price reflects that markdown….no need to apply coupons, etc.

There is a glitch online in the color card re availability for Brown Sheep so for now I will available colors here.

  •  4 – CW865 October Leaf
  •  6 – CS625 Terracotta
  •   2 – CW650 Tangerine Cream
  •  2 – CW620 Banana
  • 1  – CW310 Wild Orange
  • 2 – CW240 Pink-A-Boo
  • 1 – CW210 Tea Rose
  • 3 – CW640 Spryte
  • 4 – CW105 Putty
  • 10- CW100 Cotton Ball
  •  3 – CW365 Peridot
  • 7 – CW690 Alpine
  • 4 – CW760 Emperor’s Robe
  • 3 – CW 590 Lapis
  • 2 – CW560 My Blue Heaven
  • 4 -CW810 Cherry Moon

Have fun shopping and wishing you a happy July 4th.





I wasn’t looking and yet I discovered a new shop on Solano AveYaza. I popped into this shop while waiting for Bill to do banking across the street. I was intrigued by a blouse that I saw in the window….white, loose and reminiscence of my younger carefree days. Yaza 4

Namgyal and her sister create the ideas…..they have a cottage style industry based in Tibet that turns their ideas into reality.  I love this sentence from their website:

All Yaza garments are inspired by the diaspora roots of our family who lived nomadic lives in the faraway cultures of Tibet, Nepal and India.

I liked the clothing, jewelry and bag offerings. I think it’s more than worth checking out. If you stop and or/shop, be sure to mention that Skein Lane recommended Yaza. I know I will be going back!


MaggiKnits BasketLet’s jump right into this May Basket of  MaggiKnits linen – 25% off 1-week sale, May 2 – 9.

Linen wash cloth stole

This lovely cotton/linen blend yarn can be used in so many projects. A personal favorite of mine is the stole that I knit using  the Bathing Beauties Washcloth Fiber Trends pattern and converting it into a stole.

Another of our FMK (Friday Morning Knit) knitters, Karen H., knit the Maggi Alaca linen stole. Karen - Beautiful in her Alaca Stole






Here is a list of colors and quantities available. You can go to Skeinlane.com,  select your color (solid and multi-color choices) and quantity that you want, and use MayBasket at checkout to receive your 25% discount ($7.40 or so).

Have fun!

# 07 Cream: 46
# 10 Red  : 10
# 14 Turquoise: 9
# 17 Light Navy: 12
# 19 Grey: 8
# 25 Pale Denim: 6
# 27 Mid Chocolate: 8
# 28 Camel: 7
# 29 Teal: 17
# 30 Grape: 31
# 31 Green: 15
# 102 Brown/Orange: 16
# 103 Deep Pink/Dark Lemon: 10
# 106 Pale Grey/Natural/Pale Peach: 34




Irish Cottage Knitting

Years ago….and I do mean years (I was 10) I learned to shuttle knit. Somewhere over the years of knitting I heard that it was the Scottish Shuttle but don’t recall where I read that. Today the Irish Cottage Knitting is exactly the way I knit. It’s the method I prefer because I can knit faster and I also think my stitches are more consistent than other methods that I might use.

If you are wanting to learn more about this, you just might want sign up for the class that I will be teaching at Avenue Yarns. You can see an earlier video of me knitting on the  Skein Lane website.



My recent retirement from my UC day-time admin job of nearly 8 years has been such a blessing. While I’ve never really left the knitting community, I am now diving back into it and the wonderful community that is part of me.

Some of you may not know that before my Skein Lane retail chapter, I was an employee of the YMCA for about 18 months and went onto become a Board Member after I accepted a position in the software industry……most importantly I was an active user of the YMCA programs….in particular exercise. I stepped away from this wonderful resource about 10 years ago for a variety of reasons…..mostly my schedule and illnesses in my family.

One of my first missions upon retirement was to get back into a regular exercise program. I walked into the Albany YMCA….immediately reconnected with Gail, the Director, and Mary, Exercise and Program Instructor. I was back home! I’ve been enjoying Mary’s creative exercise classes since mid-January. Not only do I feel better but I have lost some weight…yeah! There is another most wonderful benefit….reconnecting not only with Y folks but knitters who are in the Y community.

I quickly learned about the (free) Brown Bag Speakers Forum, presented on the 2nd Monday of every month sponsored by the “Y” and Albany Library.. This month’s speaker was Lawrence Rinder, Director of BAMPFA (UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive). His presentation was so informative about the history of BAMPFA leading up to its new location.

2-barbaraLast month’s Brown Bag speaker was Barbara Hazard.….a former Skein Lane customer who spoke about her art work and time spent in Russia. Not only is Barbara an artist with paints but she is obsessed “self-described” with needlepoint. I recall how many lovely pieces she brought to Skein Lane to have finished into pillows. I do wish I had taken photos back then….maybe I did but that was before I had an iPhone camera with all its storage capabilities. But wait….Barbara has posted some of her needlepoint work on her site.  I am delighted that we are in the midst of planning when we can catch up over coffee before her next upcoming trip to Russia mid-May.



Yoked Cardi for Baby


IMG_0897Karen H has just completed this wonderful baby sweater and hat for a special baby person. Both the Yoked Cardigan pattern (available on Ravelry) and the yarn – 100% Extra Fine Merino Valley Superwash were purchased at Stitches West.

As it turns out this same cardi has been knit in Malabrigo Worsted by Karen K of our LYS – Avenue Yarns. Each cardi is wonderful and has its own uniqueness of yarn choice and buttons. The buttons on Karen H’s cardi were found at Stone Mountain & Daughter – a go to place for a lot of us searching that right button.

If you are looking for a quick and lovely baby sweater, this just might be the ticket. You can see a model of the sweater in person at Avenue Yarns.


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