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Posting today was a little fussy! The pictures didn’t want to set up right…so called it a day around 5pm and came back to it just now. There are a couple more photos from Friday that I want to share. Patricia has been knitting on felted slippers but this Friday she returned to her scarf. She will be sending the info (yarn and pattern stats) shortly. In the meantime, here are the photos. Be sure to click through on the photos so you can see a full shot…particularly the one of Patricia.

Jean was wearing a window-pane patterned vest that she made some time ago. She is describing the “steek” for us.

The next photo is me in a non-knit…but wearing a Christmas gift from my nieice and it got rave reviews from the Friday group. Thanks a bunch.

And I am excited to report that I have completed two projects this past week…a basic black scarf for 15-year old nephew Dan and a slouch hat for soon-to-be 12 yr old Sam. The photos will follow in the next few days! Yeah…I can hardly wait to pick up the needles of another UFO.

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Merry Christmas

Santa and Carolyn

Santa and Carolyn

Good morning…have more pictures to post from Christmas celebrations…but oh woe…ran out of time…so more photos to follow between now and the New Year.

For now here’s an oldie…..me and Santa….I still remember that coat!

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A couple of weeks ago our Saturday morning knitting group went on a “field trip”. We traveled to Artfibers in Pinole and knit amongst the wonderful fibers. Some of us walked away with yarn for new projects. Diane and I looked, awed, and then sat down to knit on existing projects.

I am knitting a summer shell/tank out of MaggiKnits linen in dusty rose. Diane is knitting a stole with Queensland Collection’s Kathmandu in smoky gray (yarn available through Skein Lane Studio) – it is trimmed with Crystal Palace’s Waikiki in a deep vibrant blue. Will show both when completed. Notice the colorful quilt that is hanging on the wall behind of us. I emailed Rox of Artfibers last night and here’s her info on the beautiful quilt.

The quilt was designed and made by a good friend and wonderful quilter named Evelyn who lives in New Zealand.  On one of our trips to New Zealand, Evelyn gave me a sneak preview of a show where this quilt was being shown along with a series of others she had made on the theme of stained glass.  I fell in love with this piece.  She came to stay with us for a bit last spring and we
got the pleasure of showing her some of the wonders of the SF Bay area.  When she departed, she presented the quilt to us as a gift (made me cry!).   It is nice to have a large wall to show it on.  It’s a powerful piece that really adds so much to the ambiance of Artfibers!”

PJ is knitting a scarf for her son Sam – she is knitting it in Bouton d’or’s Ksar – the pattern Textural Scarf in Scarves by Judith. Check out the Ravelry link  http://www.ravelry.com/projects/PJKnitsUFOs/textural.

PJ did purchase some yarn, She bought 1300 yards of Tsuki, a silk/mohair laceweight that she plans to carry along with some merino that she purchased when when traveled in New Zealand. Her thought is she will make a cardigan, but so far she has only swatched and sketched. Words directly from PJ.

It was a fun time knitting and shopping (for some) at Artfibers. We will journey there again.

Carol had fun selecting new yarn and then relaxed as you can see in the last photo.

Nina and Terry were off shopping when these photos were taken!

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The Moderne Blanket – I loved doing this one for my youngest sister’s youngest baby. There is a beautiful picture of all three of her girls cuddled under this blanket….and I will post that photo later.

The Joseph’s Blankie of Many Colors – I started this blanket with my living room in mind…and then I received a lovely gift from my friend celebrating our 50 years of friendship. I’d like to think friends since the womb, thus making me much younger than I am…but it was in grammar school on the Plains of Eastern Colorado that our paths crossed. I was so moved by her gift that I thought she should have this log cabin blanket. I pulled it out of its UFO spot, finished it and sent it on. Recently Mary told me that her husband (we all went to high school together) was bragging to some of his co-workers about it…and you know that glaze that sometimes comes over a non-knitter’s eyes…well Charlie experienced it! Sure made my heart happy that Charlie likes the blanket as well as Mary.

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