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Yes…..there’s more…almost forgot the ukulele duo! Finding those led me to a few more. Now HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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I got half way through the year yesterday. Here’s the rest of the glimpse into 2012!

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Yesterday there was one more photo I wanted to post re: Dorothy and I couldn’t figure out how to improve the grainy image…well with a little more patience this morning I played around with my simple photo program…success!

Once again….Dorothy and one of her FHA groups.

P.S. Seated from right to left….me, one of my best friends Chris (she was at the birthday celebration yesterday), my cousin Diane (also one of my best friends), and Vickie (Chris’s sister). A couple more names…standing left to right…Dorothy and second student from left is Beverly (cousin-in-law and also life-long friend).

From our yearbook.

From Stratton High yearbook (62-63)

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