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Pillows (envelope style), pillow cases and one blanket…..the theme for this year’s (well past year) for belated wedding present and Christmas presents. My sewing machine was really stitching but as so often happens with me my creativity dreams do not match my available time.

My youngest sister LaBerta and Dustin celebrated their life together – they married on July 4, 2017 in Flager, Colorado. It was a joyous outdoor wedding that was a couple days after the annual Pugh Family Reunion in Stratton, Colorado. I love cowboy theme things….so the I found the perfect fabric to carry that theme from their wedding to a pillow and pillowcases.

LaBerta gave me some clues as to the themes/colors in each of the four kids rooms.

First up….here is Jade’s. Teal is her color so I think this compliments.


Abby coloring

Next up is Abby’s….each child got a “coloring” Christmas card and Abby shared hers. Wish my coloring was a good as hers.



I heard that Carson was resting on his pillow first thing….


Bella asked for a knitted blanket…..she got a gift certificate for this design. My needles are clicking….clicking!


These were and are fun projects.




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The Sweater - and the bride and groom

The Sweater – and the bride and groom

Do you recall the recent post about the sweater knit for the bride? This morning the bride’s mother – the knitter – sent a photo of the bride wearing her lovely sweater.  In Alice’s words….”Thanks for your help, Carolyn. The fit was perfect and Kristina was so happy with the sweater. It was just what she had hoped for with the modifications that were made. ”

Alice, she indeed looked beautiful and how fun for me to be able to chat/work with you re: this lovely project which is truly a work of art. Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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A wedding in our midst

The Finished Shrug

The Finished Shrug

This message was posted on Facebook by longtime Skein Lane customer and  friend Alice Varga. Her daughter was married this past weekend.

“O, yesterday was truly the best day ever with Kristina Kenney and Jason Holt getting married. There was just so much love in that room! It was incredible and a fantastic way for them to begin their journey through life with such a wonderful commitment with family and friends to share their joy!  Their ceremony and vows were beautiful!”

Alice and I met a couple times this past summer to consult over the sweater/shrug design she and her daughter chose for Alice to knit for this happy event.

Alice and I met on August 24....she came to me with pattern, vision, and measurements.  With the following information....the knitting journey began. 
  • Bust = 44.5 
  • Lower edge = 40 
  • Armhole to waist = 6 
  • Stitch pattern = 12 + 1 
  • Gauge = 5 
  • CO 108 +1 

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