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You might recall my post in August about this special memory quilt….a gift from Hildagarde to her cousin. I love the colors and thoughtfulness of this quilt. The picture of the small child is that of Hildagarde…a special way to “signature” the quilt. Look carefully and you will see a juke box  selection, a map, a CocaCola bottle, a menu, and different choices of sundaes and ice cream cones. This indeed is one my favorite quilts that I have seen. So glad that I got to see and share the completed quilt with you.

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It seems just like the other day but it was in August that Alice finished the Farmer’s Market Shawl which she knit as part of a mystery KAL. We all loved this piece….so much that one of our other Saturday workshop knitters, Susan, is now knitting hers.

I purchased my pattern to knit soon. However, to my delight I was humbled to receive Alice’s master work as a gift a couple of weeks ago. I love it and managed to match it up with one of my hats for a recent “dress up” day recently.



Thank you so much to Alice for this treasure of a gift! And another shout out of thanks to Susan for the lovely gardenia.

Speaking of gifts…..earlier this year I was gifted by my cousin Wayne with the photo of our great grandparents – James and Eliza Craft Pugh (you can see part of it in the background). This photo hung in our grandparents bedroom and I have always loved it.

A close up pf the Farmer’s Market Shawl for you…….

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This creativity comes from outside my knitting circle…but how wonderful that it comes from my large multi-generation family. Serena has just embarked on making earrings…they are lovely and I offered to share and promote. Enjoy and contact Serena at 641.691.3908. The price is right – $15.00 per pair.

Serena’s Collection

Click here to see more Serena’s Jewelry!

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Great-great grandma Miles (1845 - 1929)

I was working on family history this evening and read again…

……..”Mary did all the sewing and knitting for the family and in those days most all the clothing had to be homemade.”

Mary was my grandma’s grandmother “Grandma Miles”. My grandma’s photo of her grandmother Miles use to hang over her bed. It has been in my home for some 25 years now….it was willed to me because I asked for it when I was 16. I love this photo and of course feel a kindred spirit for Grandma Miles….a fellow knitter.

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