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Because of my interest in Quakers and quilters – both part of my heritage – I recently started listening to “The Last Runaway” by Tracy Chevalier. When I heard the words “Signature Quilt”, I remembered that I intended to write about a meeting in Summer 2012. Now I share.

The meeting…… Barbara, a friend from church, shares my interest in family history and she suggested a meeting with her friend Lynda Chenoweth, who is a quilter and a researcher. We met at Lynda’s home in Sonoma and poured over the history of  Philena’s quilt as well as Lynda’s  two published books, and her library of genealogical resources. Whoa! Who is Philena?

In 2001 Lynda and her husband attended the Annual Petaluma Antique Faire. It was nearing the end of the day when they entered a shop and spotted a Signature quilt in a hutch in the back of that shop. Upon closer examination she could see many names on the quilt and that it was stitched in 1853. The search (which took her back east a couple of times) was on! She became a genealogist of Philena’s family and friends as she learned whose names were on the quilt. It’s a fascinating story which Lynda chronicled in Philena’s Friendship Quilt Quaker Farewell, published in 2009. Lynda blogs about Quaker Quilts.

It was a beautifully sunny day …. we continued our conversation over lunch at Della Santina in Sonoma. The last two photos are of another Signature Quilt that Lynda is researching.

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My 1st Christmas tree away from home!

My 1st Christmas tree away from home!

Memory: How funny is this? I was trolling though my old photos and stumbled upon this “great design”. It was my 1st qtr at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and my roommate Diana and I got creative! Clearly we were on a budget! We lived in a relatively new dorm – Ellis Hall. The first coed dorm, Edwards Hall,  opened our freshman year. You might imagine that my parents weren’t having any of that. The joy of so many old photos is that they evoke so many memories. In this case, I so enjoyed my roommate but she didn’t make it past 1st qtr. When she left I think she was planning her marriage. We lost touch…but I’ve never lost the memory of Diana!

More memories created in 2013: These photos are a revisit to photos I posted when I returned from the Pugh Family Reunion in my home town (one of my three) of Stratton, CO. My cousin’s wife, Avril and one of my dear friends, and I visited her mother Lily. This visit and trip through Lily’s craft life of quilting and crochet will be forever special to me.

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Textiles at Monticello



This quick glimpse into life on Mulberry Row at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, shows that the art of craft has been with us throughout history and all walks of life. As with all new experiences….particularly history I find myself wanting to learn more. Now the search is on for period pieces of handwork made on Mulberry Row.

It was said that Mulberry Row was one of major commerce….textiles, produce, meats, blacksmithing, leather making, nail making……folks came from the surrounding valleys.



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