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A wedding in our midst

The Finished Shrug

The Finished Shrug

This message was posted on Facebook by longtime Skein Lane customer and  friend Alice Varga. Her daughter was married this past weekend.

“O, yesterday was truly the best day ever with Kristina Kenney and Jason Holt getting married. There was just so much love in that room! It was incredible and a fantastic way for them to begin their journey through life with such a wonderful commitment with family and friends to share their joy!  Their ceremony and vows were beautiful!”

Alice and I met a couple times this past summer to consult over the sweater/shrug design she and her daughter chose for Alice to knit for this happy event.

Alice and I met on August 24....she came to me with pattern, vision, and measurements.  With the following information....the knitting journey began. 
  • Bust = 44.5 
  • Lower edge = 40 
  • Armhole to waist = 6 
  • Stitch pattern = 12 + 1 
  • Gauge = 5 
  • CO 108 +1 

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Shrug it!

A couple of us, Janie and Trish,  have been inspired by Susanne’s shrug featured in a previous post. Notice the lovely purple shawl pin that Janie has used for a closure for her shrug…a beautiful enhancement. I am now inspired by all three of these shrugs knit by Skein Lane “workshoppers”. What should I pull from my stash? Stay tuned!

Janie tells us that she used the following yarns for her shrug : “For the outer ORANGE color I used RY Classic Yarns, made in Italy, 100% cotton, #Z118000.   For the back GOLD color I used Cotton Classic, 100% Mercerised Cotton, made in Greece, Tahki, Stacy Charles Inc., #3353”. Thanks Janie for this info.

And now words from Trish – “My yarn was Crystal Palace Panda Silk in Feldspar.  It’s DK light worsted, 52% bamboo, 43% merino wool and 5% combed silk.  Kimberly helped me shop for it.”

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Marlie de Swart of Black Mountain Weavers always shows interesting and creative designs at our Skein Lane Retreat One of those this past retreat was the simple but elegant ribbed shrug…the design simple…the results elegant. Susanne was inspired by the garment and here is her verson.

Marlie shared her pattern….Susanne used two yarns – Black Mountain double strand mohair and acrylic for the 2×2 rib, and Art Fibers Pachino 85% extrafine mernino and 15% nylon for the 1×1 rib. These yarns are light worsted weight yarns.

Gauge….be sure to swatch (30 stitches) with your yarn choice in 1 x 1 rib pattern. Then the goal is to take the desired bust measurement, divide by 2 to get back measurement. You will be knitting a rectangle and folding it over to join seams and create armholes, thus the rectangle is the width of the back of the shrug. Determine your gauge – divide 30 sts by inches measured in your swatch. Multipy that number by desired width of back. Then cast on those stitches and follow the directions below. In Susanne’s case she cast on 126 stitches. You can use one color throughout or follow Susanne’s creation of two colors – one color for the  2×2 rib and the other color for the 1×1 rib.The shrug back

The pattern….

  • With size 7 needle, CO 126 sts.
  • Work 2 x 2 rib for 7″.
  • With 2nd color, work 1 x 1 rib for 12″.
  • With 1st color, work 2 x 2 rib for 7″.
  • Cast off.
  • Fold over and sew the 2 x 2 rib sections together.
The finished shrug

The finished shrug

You now have a shrug. I can’t wait to start mine…which yarn should I use? My choices are endless here at the Studio!

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