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At the midnight hour around the world we will be hearing the familiar Scottish tune Auld Lang Syne. For me it always evokes memories of those who are near and dear to me…..and who may be near and far. Grateful for the memories and the friendships. Some of those memories……..

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Memory:  When I unpack this little German Christmas candle treasure every year it takes me back to my early days of living in my first apartment. It was in the building across the street from Safeway on Solano Ave in Albany, CA. I flash back to great times spent with my neighbor Sue …. we were always crafting something. It was during this same time that my nieces spent a lot time with me.


New memory: Our Friday morning knitters continue to celebrate and then some. Rachelle brought us homemade breads (one was a gluten-free banana bread)with the freshest of butter. You could find cards crafted by Kimberly (check out her Etsy store), jewelry in the works by Rachell and Sheri, as well as the sound of laughter and chatter while the needles were clicking! Sheri was wearing her stunning All the Shades of Truth scarf and Karen K was back with us. You might guess we met the newest addition to Jean and Bob’s family. Quincy came home to them a couple weeks ago….all because Jean saw Debra, Quincy’s foster mom, at the recent jewelry show hosted here. Quincy had a date to meet and indeed he did. As we nearing the end of our time together, we were treated by Patricia to jelly beans (all blues) from the Jelly Factory!

p.s……someone, named Jean, not only left my Lucy dog with Christmas treats but left me a wonderful Christmas CD….you can glimpse the title in the photos. Many thanks Secret Santa Jean. xo

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260112_2156509675339_1128914_nMemory – the seed was planted early! So many of you have heard me say over the years that my grandma Alta’s love of her quilting communities was a driving force for me. I knew that I wanted our knitting communities to have the same vitality. It’s near the end of another year and time to shout out  how blessed I feel  that “our” knitting communities have the same character that I remember from my grandmother. Our crafts are wonderful and the binder for such wonderful friendships! Knitting brought us all together! What great friendships!

Celebration Memory for December 14, 2013

Our Saturday morning knitting workshop group (SMKW) celebrated with a potluck brunch. I whipped out Grandma’s party plates for our meal which consisted of egg casserole, baked oatmeal, fruits and cheese, pumpkin pie, ginger bread, chocolates, salt and pepper chips with clam dip, crackers and cheese, and MARGARITAS! What a great way to start the day. The morning was made even better because Susanne, recently moved to Chico, was able to attend. A reunion and a celebration indeed. We missed PJ, Shari and Carole C. Looks like we will need another celebration!

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Family Gathering at Grandma and Grandpa's

Family Gathering at Grandma and Grandpa’s

Memories: My love of gatherings started when I was young. We cousins would be seated at our card table / dining tables.  In this photo, taken in the living room of Grandma and Grandpa’s basement house, there were seven of us cousins and two of our aunts. The age range in Dad’s family is interesting to say the least! One of our aunts was born a couple years before the arrival of the first two  grandchildren and our youngest aunt was born in the midst of the next three grandchildren  and a couple years before cousin Diane and me .

Memories just created from Friday, December 13, annual celebration. We, the Friday morning knitting workshop (FMKW) group , have celebrated for years and this year our group numbered 17 sans 1 who had dental emergency…we missed Karen K. We dress up, we toast, we eat, we enjoy the years of friendship, we gift special gifts and we “white elephant” gift. Our “white elephant”version allows one to bump once during a round….everyone wanted Jan’s gift choice but it was so beautiful no one wanted to be “mean”…although I really thought about it. The gift that Connie received – a capricorn lobster stuffed with a skein of sock yarn caused much laughter.

We met at a new venue for us this year, Solano Bar and Grill on Solano Ave. There were many things that worked well for our size group….we preordered a few days from a banquet menu, we had a semi-private room which really accommodated the wonderful noise that we create, the service was great….. we all had a great time. Cheers to this wonderful season!

p.s. tried to present photos in order of happenings!

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Its Bonnie's birthday!

Its Bonnie’s birthday!

Happy Bonnie’s Crafternoon!. IMG_2500

Another blog post share from “our” Kimberly of Daily Craftini. The joy of this day for me was the friendships that have formed from our love of knitting, creativity…and love of great food. I am thinking we should write a cookbook of our combined efforts! (For now my great contributions have come from Trader Joe’s….but watch out I am out to break out with my old cooking skills!)

What works of art!

What works of art!

Before  some of the Friday Knitting friends came together  to share in Bonnie’s birthday celebration today, some of the Saturday Knitting friends came together early….some as early as 7:30 a.m. or so to help Margo transition one more time from one household to another. This transition is positive but there is so much energy involved in moving and change. I came in around 8 a.m. and I was able to redirect my energies (sorely challenged by the recent passing of my brother-in-law) into a person with a purpose…organize the items for sale. Actually, everyone before me did the hard work….I just came in with a different “mission”!

Besides the joy of sharing the day with so many friends of the knitting persuasion, I was able to redirect my own energies back to knitting….I will finish my niece’s BD present and have it in the mail on Monday.

Photos of this fun project will follow late tomorrow.

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