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More Halloween greetings await you here!

Wanting to share the latest on my needles – The Ruffled Scarf. I mentioned the yarn purchase of Acadia yarn in the post On the Knitting Trails Again”.  I was inspired by Margot’s scarf…..and as I most often do I modified the pattern. Here’s what is different with mine….slightly smaller gauge, longer and I will add the ruffle in a different yarn – Madelinetosh Pashmina Tart Red.

One skein of Acadia down and one to go…..then on to the ruffle! By the way I use to play in ceramics moons ago. This is one of my renditions that I cleaned, painted and had fired. This probably qualifies as one of my relics now.

Happy Halloween!

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Some things to share!

Oh no…..I’ve been off candy for weeks now and I just succumbed to a Snickers. I don’t know why I thought I would see a trick-or-treater here. They usually don’t arrive before I play Halloween hostess at Bill’s front door.

It's done!!!

It’s done!!!

This knit poncho shawl was meant to be a quick knit….one of those that I would pick up and knit mindlessly and be done quickly. Where did the time go?!

I started this project, knit in MaggiKnits cotton/linen, in Oct 2012. No trick or treat here! It’s done. I am driven to post this today to celebrate Halloween and the completion of this simple knit. I have been involved in many knitting projects and I must confess that my trusty friend, the iPad, has consumed some of my time as I reconnect with friends and family…as well as do family research. Last week my Thursday knitting workshop group helped me pick out decorative buttons for accent to this knit. But, the more I thought I about it I realized that I want to accent this piece with brooches, pins, etc. The last one I knit about 6 years ago is embellished with ribbon. I’ll post that photo later for comparative design purposes.

For now I am on a mission to share this completed project with you and to wish you a Happy Halloween…..and then off to dinner with Bill and then a farewell drink with my cousin Dana, from Hawaii, who has been in the Bay Area this week for a health compliance conference. We played last Sunday but now it’s time for a farewell.

So….Happy Halloween!!!!

Of course….stay tuned! There is much to share and I am almost “back” to the sharing….so many of you do such creative and lovely work.

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In   The    Loop   


Well….it seems that I fell “asleep” with the sheep, cats and dogs…and the goblins. I had this promo all set to go out this morning and at the end of the day I realized there was glitch….so the “treat” has been extended through Wednesday at midnight….it’s a chance to enjoy 30% savings at Skein Lane’s  online store.

                                           your code is Treat
Another exciting announcement….Karen King is teaching a mobius class for us…so for those of you who have not had this knitting experience or you are wanting to refresh your skills….Saturday – November 13 is the day for you. Join Karen for an afternoon ( 2-4 pm) of knitting fun. You can sign up on line or call us at 510.525.9276.
More knitting workshops, classes and product are on their way for you!
Check our website for more of the latest. 



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It’s Halloween!

It's Halloween

Oh….that Friday knitting group….what a hoot they are (in so many ways I might add).

First Barbara arrives donned in jester hat and mask….then I remember it’s Halloween! Barbara is followed by Jan who arrives with a boa and her cat glasses…..she brought the boa for the Purl girl Kimberly.Barbara and Jan


And along came the handy”man”.

Trick or treat to all!

The handyman

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