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Barbara Scott

Barbara Scott

It was just a month ago that we remembered Barbara Scott  …. she passed away on Feb 24. She and her husband Bob have been life long friends with Jean (of our knitting circle) and her husband Bob…..friends since college. I have “followed” Barbara through Jean. The memorial service was last Saturday…..I asked Jean how it went. Jean described a loving ceremony and celebration of Barbara’s life. With Jean’s permission…..

“It was a very touching service.  Church had to bring in extra chairs for the overflow crowd.  The minister, a woman knitter who had become a personal friend of Barbara’s, gave a lovely “sermon” entitled “A Stitch in Time” in which she referred to the strands that make up the fabric of our lives and spoke glowingly of Barbara’s love of knitting and teaching and sharing.  There was a nice reception afterwards at the church and her family had changed clothes so that everyone (husband, son, daughter-in-law, two grandchildren) was wearing a sweater knit by Barbara.  The walls were hung with her knit sweaters!

We then went back to the house and were able to visit with the family and old friends.  I’ve saved the program to give to you on Friday.  I keep thinking back to Saturday.  It really was a touching tribute to her active life.  Besides knitting, she was very active in her church, in water exercise programs, PEO, a prayer group, was class secretary for the class of 1958 at Cal, etc. etc.  The last musical selection played at her service was “Hail to California” and those of us who knew the words were able to sing!”

Indeed a lovely tribute to Barbara’s life.

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BarbaraScottAward[1]It is with great sadness that I share that our knitting friend Jean let me know that her dear life-long friend Barbara, master knitter, passed away this past Monday. Her bright, enthusiastic spirit stayed strong  during the last few months of major illness. You may recall that I’ve mentioned Barbara a few times here on this blog. You can read more about her on this blog post celebrating her years with Knitters Guild of America (TKGA).

Jean shared this from Barbara’s husband, Bob.  He  said, ” I am pretty sure there are a large number of knitters in heaven who needed help and will be greeting her with open arms.”  He could be right!

Barbara will be missed by many. She touched many lives.

Debby from TKGA has graciously shared these lovely photos of Barbara as well as some lovely thoughts and news about a Memoriam.

“It is sad to think that she is gone. She was an invaluable supporter of The Knitting Guild Association, one of our first members and always involved in ways to help other knitters perfect their skills. TKGA recognized Barbara at our Conference in 2007 and awarded her an Honorary Lifetime membership at that time. That is what you see in one of the photos I’ve attached. The other photo is from the TKGA 25th Anniversary in 2010 when she was introduced again for her long-time involvement in the organization. Cast On magazine is carrying a Memoriam in our upcoming Summer issue. Her name has also been added to the TKGA Memorial Remembrance Page online where contributions are already being made in her name to benefit knitting education – something that was dear to her heart.

I have known Barbara for a long time, having worked with her on many projects for TKGA, and I will miss her!”


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Carolyn's Vision - MaggiKnits Large Cowl

Carolyn’s Vision – MaggiKnits Large Cowl

I had so much fun this weekend  (You can see Skein Lane’s photo album here!) …I hardly know where to begin. I loved working in MaggiKnits booth….the product is great and so were the customers. One of the first things I saw was the Sleeveless Dip Vest….I immediately called Karen K (of my Skein Lane knitting  circle) saying you need to see this…it has your name written on it. She came, she saw and we will see her wearing the vest soon. She knits with lightning speed.

It was so great seeing so many old friends from my Skein Lane retail days….some were customers…some were vendors…some were associates. There were so many but the names that come to my mind at the moment include Yodi and her friend Alice. Yodi had such wonderful things to say about our Skein Lane days together…it made me remember one of the reasons I wanted a Skein Lane community…I was inspired by my Grandma Alta’s love of community….she spent much time with her quilting groups/friends.

In the middle of the afternoon a person that I thought I recognized came into the booth with a couple of her friends. I’m thinking that it is Candi Jensen…and by golly it was. Candi and I met years ago when we took the same shuttle along with Barbara Scott from the Portland airport to the Portland Stitches Conference…must have been 1990. I remember that I had so much fun…my first Stitches conference and I was over the top with enthusiam..and knitting purchases. Candi’s and my path have crossed several times during the following years which included her visiting Skein Lane retail. Barbara Scott is a dear friend of one of our knitting group dear  friends – Jean Canon….Barbara has visited Skein Lane knitting workshops over the years…I am always so honored to have Barbara, a master knitter,  in our presence.

As I was writing up the sales receipt for one of Candi’s friends, I notice that the name is Debbie Macomber…I ask, “Are you the author?” And it was. Debbie has written many novels with a knitting theme….one of her first with a knitting theme was about a yarn store on Blossom Street. I googled it tonight and I was amazed at how many novels that Debbie has written over the last 30 years….who knew?!

The market closed at 6 p.m…..I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t tired. I headed over to the bar to meet up with my knitting friends…most from the Friday morning knitting workshop. Eleven of us then moved on to our dinner at Piatti. The group has been dining here for several years when they have attended Stitches. In previous years I was either working the Stitches show or I had family obligations which prevented me from joining them. This year was different…I joined…it was such a lovely evening….the restaurant even had a gluten-free menu for people like me.

Okay….this wraps up Friday at Stitches. Tomorrow will be all about Saturday at Stitches.

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Jean - Wrap Stitch Ribbon Sweater

Jean and her fan club

Jean - another view

Jean knits and knits and most of the time we at the Friday morning knitting group get to see her work in progress. Today she quietly brings out a ribbon sweater (that we’ve not seen before) which she is about to assemble…the knitting is done…now time for the dreaded seaming and weaving in the loose ends. We “pounce” on this new garment and want to know more. It’s a wrap-stitch ribbon sweater inspired when she visited her life-long friend – knitting guru Barbara Scott.

During the 15 years that I have known Jean she has knit numerous beautiful sweaters, vest, cardigans, scarves, blankets, baby clothes…she knits. Ellen K of our knitting group says it for all us.

“Jean, what can I say.  You’re my knitting hero!  Everything you make fits you perfectly–how do you do it?  You’re new garment is lovely, as are you.”

The details….

Neck detail of ribbon sweater

Stitch detail of ribbon sweater

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