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A couple days ago I “shouted out” about my finished purple poncho shawl.  Now here is the blocking method I used. I washed it on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. I then dried it on the air fluff cycle moving it up to ultra care towards the end. The end did not mean dry…just damp. As I laid it out on the drying table, I wasn’t pleased with the way it was going to dry. There were would be lines that I didn’t want. The solution was the dress form….it has dried/blocked beautifully! I also washed/blocked the original version.

I was asked about the pattern…here are some more details. The yarn used was MaggiKnits cotton linen, the 4-row mini-mock cable  pattern came from Weekend Knits, and the sizing was 18″ x 54″. You can choose your yarn and stitch pattern, i.e. mini-mock cable pattern. Once you have knit this long piece you bring a cast on or cast off edge over to a selvdage edge and sew the edges together. In fact, the detailed instructions  for  assembly are posted on the Skein Lane site. Scroll to Poncho Fever and you will be set!

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Some intriguing shawls in this post….I now my needles are struggling to knit all that I see…just keep knitting!

For the Knit of It

I love shawls. They’re the perfect pieces for adding just a touch more warmth on chilly nights (or in chilly offices). You can use almost any technique/style with them – from cables to garter to lace. It’s lace, really, that I’m loving most right now.

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Ellen and her version of the Shaelyn Shawl

Darn…..I was on a roll with this post and wouldn’t you know I apparently hit the wrong key….ugh…post gone. So, I start again!

While the end of this summer has been quiet here on the Skein Lane blog, let me tell you the needles have been clicking. For starters here is what lovely Ellen showed about a week and a half ago at Friday morning knitting….the lovely “Shaelyn” shawl. Ellen takes on the best knitting projects and is always so modest about that. She knit this garment with Sanguine Bryphon “Skinny Bugga” Tomato….unfortunately she tells me that they are out business. But don’t despair…you can be inspired by Ellen and the pattern..and go on to choose your own yarn for this lovely shawl.

Ellen will be away from us for awhile as she continues on her nursing journey…we are always so glad when she can come up for “air” and join us!

p.s. these photos do not do justice to the beauty of the garment and the yarn…so be inspired by what you do see and dream on!

A close up of the Shaelyn Shawl

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We celebrated! We lunched at Picante’s in Berkeley…we moved to the outdoors as the afternoon moved along. Terry was showing us her Crytal Palace kit shawl when a young man walked to his table. He and his friends were so impressed with her work…we all struck up a lively knitting conversation. They were impressed to meet the “knitting” Fire Captain.

Terry will be moving to Shasta area….she promises to come back and see us on a regular basis. I sure hope so…her knitting energy is surpassed only by her own personal energy! We agreed…we all have many stories and tales to tell and share.

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Here’s a showing of the garments modeled in the Shawls, Stoles, and Scarves category.

Several of us have knit the La Alhambra stole design that Debbie is modeling. we have knit it in different colorways making them all unique

Debbie modeling La Alhambra

Debbie modeling her La Alhambra stole- a design from MaggiKnits and she knit with MaggiKnits Cotton, Linen, and Misty Slub. This stole is joined together with buttons making it sit on your shoulders much like a poncho. The beauty of this garment is that you can wear it several ways...just as Debbie is in the photo...you reverse it...or you can have it drape off your shoulder.

Linda and her capelet

Linda and her capelet. The pattern she used was Sivia Harding's Aphrodite. The yarn used was 2 skeins of Lorna's sock yarn (430 yds.) for the main color. The trim was done in 1 3/4 skeins of Frog Tree alpaca sport (130 yds. per skein). Sivia's pattern does not have a neck closure but Linda added a crochet loop closure.


Gwen with lovely shawl

Gwen with lovely shawl

Karen in her lovely shawl

Karen in her lovely shawl. the design is a free pattern on Ravelry called Percy. She used South Winds Trading Jezebel, which is a lightweight fingering.

Ruth's shawl

Ruth's shawl.The pattern was the Luna Moth Shawl and the yarn was Misti Alpaca, worsted weight. Ellen and Ruth used the same pattern and brand of yarn, but different weights.

Darliss - a beautiful stole that was once displayed in my shop!

Darlis - a beautiful stole that was once displayed in my shop! The pattern is Stitch Half Circle by Martha Waterman, in her book Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls.

Ellen's shawl - The Luna Moth

Ellen's shawl - The Luna Moth pattern is free from elann.com and Ellen knit her shawl with Misti Alpaca Handpaints in DK wt.

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