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…..well, we’ve never really been gone….I’ve just been absent from the “blogging board”….what better way to get back than honoring Jean who is so loved by us all. Some 15 of us gathered to celebrate her upcoming birthday! Jean is an avid knitter, witty as can be and a great friend to the Friday Morning Knitting Group aka FMKG peeps.

In the midst of gifts and cards, treats and champagne many of us were clicking our needles.

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Our Friday morning knit group (FMKG) celebrated it’s first birthday of the year….Kimberly. She was treated to cheesecake (specially made by Merle for Kimberly),  champagne and a variety of gifts. Cheers to friendships and celebrations.

ps….we did some knitting. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post re: Karen H’s finished garment.

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Connie_BirthdayCards_2014 There was one more birthday celebrated a week ago…..Connie’s. The table was full of knitters and gifts of flowers, jewelry, yarn. Oh….we ate had treats as well. Debra made a chocolate cake……she converted an almost flourless chocolate cake into GF (gluten-free) by substituting a GF flour……the cake, served with whipping cream, was delicious. This was accompanied with cheese and rice crackers brought by Jan. The cheese was so delicious I had to go out and buy some more. There was more….chocolate almonds (Karen H) and, of course, all accompanied with champagne. (I may have missed some food item.)

With all of this going on, we did find time to knit…..there is so much chatter and activity that one is best to work on simpler patterns in workshop.

Happy Birthday Connie…..her birthday is  actually April 20.






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I was more than a beat or two off this past Friday…..blame it on a bad sleep night….I didn’t whip out the camera to capture the celebration of the birthday girls at Friday knitting. So…envision Cameron, Karen H, and Janie surrounded by gifts of flowers, jewelry, unique knitting gifts, cards, champagne and a table full of knitting friends. Wait…there were strawberries and chocolate-covered macaroons (gluten-free no less and  you wouldn’t have known if not mentioned). The Friday Birthday Girls….photos from the photo gallery!

More birthdays…..in our Saturday knitting group Katie was the “Birthday Queen.

And there were a couple  one more a few weeks ago……Karen K and Rachelle from Friday group.

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My nephew Sam turned 16 yesterday…..it seems just the other that he was a baby….and just the other day that I was 16!! As well as trying to remember the young people in our family’s birthdays, I am on a sewing mission. The last 6 weeks have seen an apron with the theme of hearts and cherries for niece Jade, an apron with a cowboy theme for nephew Carson, a Batman pillowcase (check out Skein Lane’s FB page) for nephew Daniel (a “just because gift” because he is such a Batman “geek”…hey I use to like Batman in college), and now a baseball theme pillowcase for Sam.  With my usual unpossessed self I am now thinking about all kinds of personalized themes for pillow cases and aprons. I am on the outlook for theme-related fabric…..I’ll know it when I see it!

Here is the latest re Sam’s 16th birthday. He is the youngest of “our” second generation. My 4-yr old nephew Carson is the youngest of “our” first generation. Our family certainly crosses a great age span in generations. Two more celebrations are coming up in May….stay tuned!

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It’s been more than a week since we celebrated yet another birthday in FMKG – our  Friday Morning Knitting Group.This time it was Karen K…we also celebrated new craft ideas as well as sharing our Stitches West experiences. Several of us swore, including me, that we would simply window shop…but I believe but all but one of the Stitches attendees came home with at least one more project to knit. I felt really successful because I only came home with one of the four projects that I coveted. How many would I have really coveted if I wasn’t working in MaggiKnits booth? I only spent about an hour on the market floor over 3 1/2 days. Ohhhh…..I did come home with another knit book – “The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook” by Melissa Leapman. One can never have enough books….right? I will share more about my projects and this wonderful knit book in another post. Now it’s back to FMKG.

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This week we celebrated Bonnie’s birthday with gifts, cheer, champagne, rain and more knitting. I am sure some of us got at least a couple of rows knit. My Honeycomb Cowl has 320 stitches so I was quite happy to get two rows knit, particularly with all the celebration. Happy, happy birthday to Bonnie!

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This past Friday was a day of two celebrations within our knitting community.  We started the day with a surprise birthday celebration for Jean….and it truly was a surprise for her. Several of us were waiting with baited breath asking “is the day that she is returning?”. I called to check  and her husband says “yes, she’s on her way!” Shortly after that she stepped though the front door and was greeted with “surprise” and a bottle of bubbly.

The sun is setting!

The sun is setting!

That evening some of us headed to Tiburon to board the ferry for the  Sunset Cruise  where we celebrated Ellen – she recently passed the nursing license exam. It was such a fun evening that we are dreaming about doing it again very soon. Be sure to check out the Facebook photo album.

What a grand day!!

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No...it wasn't cold...this photo was taken last year!

No…it wasn’t cold…this photo was taken last year!

We have much to celebrate (besides our love of knitting)  in our knitting groups….it seems that we had several celebrations since Stitches. While some of us were  dining out on the Friday night at Stitches we treated three of our gang for their birthdays – Karen K, Patricia and Sheri. Great food and drinks….and, of course, conversation.

March brought more birthdays to shout out about…..Cameron treated the Friday morning group to an afternoon bowling party. Oh what fun….and what interesting bowling scores for many of us.

The most recent was just last Saturday when we  celebrated Katie’s (of the Saturday group) birthday. Food is always part of our celebrations….there was pineapple, strawberries, homemade macaroons, and my now “infamous” baked oatmeal. I discovered this recipe in a health cookbook a few years back and have served it several times. Imagine my pleasure when Shari S. said her husband enjoys it so much that it is the breakfast dish that he brings to a bi-monthly business breakfast meeting when it is his turn. This dish has become a staple at breakfast/brunch gatherings. The recipe is forthcoming…watch for next post!

Look what Diane made for Katie!

Birthday CardBack of the card




And all the while we keep on knitting….check out Maurie’s latest hat!

Her latest hat...more details to follow!

Her latest hat…more details to follow!

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