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Not only have I have been knitting and sewing but have just added kids crafting to my list. How did that happen? As many of you know I started working part-time at JoAnn Fabrics about 8 months ago and recently have been added to the teaching roster. I was asked a couple weeks ago if I could sub for the Kids Crafting session on this past Saturday. There were a few delightful young people who stopped by to make Mother’s Day cards for their moms. For me…..a whole new world of Washi tape designs has opened up. I have to laugh at myself because many of my crafty knitting friends have been using Washi tape for designs for a long time….I held off….but watch out now. And I think I have a new project for my 2 1/2 year grand niece. She is a very busy young child…..this will be so fun!

By the way…..Kids Crafting at JoAnn’s in El Cerrito is every second Saturday. You can check it out here.

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I was more than a beat or two off this past Friday…..blame it on a bad sleep night….I didn’t whip out the camera to capture the celebration of the birthday girls at Friday knitting. So…envision Cameron, Karen H, and Janie surrounded by gifts of flowers, jewelry, unique knitting gifts, cards, champagne and a table full of knitting friends. Wait…there were strawberries and chocolate-covered macaroons (gluten-free no less and  you wouldn’t have known if not mentioned). The Friday Birthday Girls….photos from the photo gallery!

More birthdays…..in our Saturday knitting group Katie was the “Birthday Queen.

And there were a couple  one more a few weeks ago……Karen K and Rachelle from Friday group.

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It’s been more than a week since we celebrated yet another birthday in FMKG – our  Friday Morning Knitting Group.This time it was Karen K…we also celebrated new craft ideas as well as sharing our Stitches West experiences. Several of us swore, including me, that we would simply window shop…but I believe but all but one of the Stitches attendees came home with at least one more project to knit. I felt really successful because I only came home with one of the four projects that I coveted. How many would I have really coveted if I wasn’t working in MaggiKnits booth? I only spent about an hour on the market floor over 3 1/2 days. Ohhhh…..I did come home with another knit book – “The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook” by Melissa Leapman. One can never have enough books….right? I will share more about my projects and this wonderful knit book in another post. Now it’s back to FMKG.

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We found it!!

A baby on the horizon

The other day my sister Betty and I were going through some of her things….and much to my delight we came upon the baby quilt that I and my nieces made for the anticipated new baby to be born into this family in late Dec 1976/early 1977. Betty and I thought it got lost over the years….but there it was on her closet shelf. In 1976 I was thrilled that my sister and her husband were adding to their family of two girls. I wanted my nieces to be really engaged in this new event….I told them my plan.

“Let’s make a quilt for the baby. Draw your favorite pictures and we can embroider them. Every other square will be one of your designs offset with butterflies stitched/quilted on gingham squares.” The girls “signed” up and we were off to the drawing table. The oldest, Honara, was a budding artist and I had to reign her in a bit…..the cheerleader’s pom-pom was getting quite full and in truth I knew that I would be doing the bulk of the embroidery.

I loved stitching this quilt with my young nieces! Michael was born Jan 1977!

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This week we celebrated Bonnie’s birthday with gifts, cheer, champagne, rain and more knitting. I am sure some of us got at least a couple of rows knit. My Honeycomb Cowl has 320 stitches so I was quite happy to get two rows knit, particularly with all the celebration. Happy, happy birthday to Bonnie!

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Gifts from Debra A…….given at our Friday morning knitting group last week. This was just a sampling…some of us had already stashed our potholders!


Last Friday morning workshop was a full house of…..

* Friendship

* Creativity…..the knitting needles were clicking.

* Gifts of handcrafted potholders by Debra A.

* An abundance of Valentine’s Day cards crafted by Kimberly -Daily Craftini.  I meant to take a photo of the ones I purchased for gifts….but I dropped them in the mail before I whipped out my camera!

*Gifts of “Filthy Squirrel” handmade soap made in Hawaii. Karen H had just returned from her vacation in Hawaii. She came with soap and stories!

♥♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥♥

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Its Bonnie's birthday!

Its Bonnie’s birthday!

Happy Bonnie’s Crafternoon!. IMG_2500

Another blog post share from “our” Kimberly of Daily Craftini. The joy of this day for me was the friendships that have formed from our love of knitting, creativity…and love of great food. I am thinking we should write a cookbook of our combined efforts! (For now my great contributions have come from Trader Joe’s….but watch out I am out to break out with my old cooking skills!)

What works of art!

What works of art!

Before  some of the Friday Knitting friends came together  to share in Bonnie’s birthday celebration today, some of the Saturday Knitting friends came together early….some as early as 7:30 a.m. or so to help Margo transition one more time from one household to another. This transition is positive but there is so much energy involved in moving and change. I came in around 8 a.m. and I was able to redirect my energies (sorely challenged by the recent passing of my brother-in-law) into a person with a purpose…organize the items for sale. Actually, everyone before me did the hard work….I just came in with a different “mission”!

Besides the joy of sharing the day with so many friends of the knitting persuasion, I was able to redirect my own energies back to knitting….I will finish my niece’s BD present and have it in the mail on Monday.

Photos of this fun project will follow late tomorrow.

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