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Enjoy Spring Savings this week…..May 22 – May 29…..40% off Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (must be in stock) and 30% off Brown Sheep’s Lamb Pride’s Superwash …sales price reflected in price @ Skeinlane.com

Many projects have been knitted with these two lovely yarns. I am thinking that I will start another Moderne Blanket.

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Hat - LouiseWhooHoo! Done!  It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I had the great pleasure of meeting some of my cousins (via Ancestry.com) – Louise, her son Steve and wife Tammy – a little over year ago or was it two? I ask such questions because life is full and moving at a rapid pace!

Anyway….sometime after Louise asked if I would knit a hat for her….hard to say no…but unknown to Louise ….my knitting plate was pretty full. Louise has horses and every early morning she is out with her horses…like feeding. Many of us feed animals in the morning but most likely it’s our dogs and cats in the kitchen. In this case, Louise leaves her home to care for her horse(s)…reminds me of my lifelong friend Mary who has always had a horse or two in her backyard. Wait….do I need to knit a hat for Mary now? I think I do….she has a major birthday coming up in December.

Back to Louise….both our hearts were happy today. She received the hat and said ” Got your Beanie today and it fit good. That will keep my head warm this winter. Thank you so much. Love it!” I love it that Louise was happy! That’s what knitting and gifting are all about…..there are more things but for this conversation this fits. The fiber choice was Brown Sheep’s Lambspride Superwash – Color Rose Quartz. I particularly like Fiber Trends Pattern AC-20 for this hat style….the finishing at the stop is a nice feature. I generally am not a fan of superwash wool but Lambspride Superwash is really good.

Now onto finishing Elf slippers for my niece Betsy…bless her heart…she has been tolerant that her brother’s scarf re: Cornell College, her cousin’s Shelby’s baby Aria’s blanket, and Louise’s hat have moved ahead of my project for her. Back on track….damn (did I say that publicly) one of the yarns for this project went AWOL. Where could it have gone? I shared that with a co-worker in my day-time life and she asked if it might be in the closet. I broke out laughing…..my whole house/Skein Lane Studio is a closet. Oh where is that bulky superwash named Blue Rifff? Oh well….not to worry…ordered more today for Skein Lane Studio and I can “buy” from stock.

Betsy really you will get these Elfie slippers for this Christmas. She still gets a present along with the Elf slippers for this year!

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We do cook….and we do knit! Many of us refer to our knitting patterns as our knitting recipes! Here’s a bit of what’s cooking at the moment.

Kimberly - Honeycomb Cowl

Kimberly – Honeycomb Cowl

Some of us….Kimberly, Jean, PJ and Laurel are knitting (or just completed) the Honeycomb Cowl  published by Madelinetosh and featured on Ravelry.com. This simple 4-row pattern, worked in the round, produces excellent results. You have two choices for the number of stitches to cast on…it all depends on whether you want to have a single “wrap” around your neck or a longer cowl that you can wrap twice around. Oh……I have just added this pattern to my “do list”…..will knit with the wonderful yarn that “my personal shoppers” picked for me at Interweave Lab Knit last fall.

PJ has repurposed a merino sock yarn for her version, Jean’s version is a brown wool yarn, and Laurel is knitting her version with Brown Sheep’s Superwash Pride in Mint.

My (Carolyn) Hitchhiker Scarf

My (Carolyn) Hitchhiker Scarf

I think I mentioned recently that I was a season or two behind (on many fronts)…and that I  embarked on knitting the lovely merino sock yarn that was gifted to me by Maurie when she returned from working in Germany a few moons ago. I’ve loved this yarn but couldn’t decide how I wanted to “feature” it. I finally embraced the ever-popular Hitchhiker scarf. My tune now is much like “99 bottles of beer on the wall”…..I am humming “32 thumbs on the hike and only 11 to go”! Who knows why but I had a bit of a “brain freeze” in the beginning and a couple of the thumbs weren’t quite right! I had a knitting melt down and frogged back to almost the beginning. I am quite happy now and will be wearing this soon. In fact, I am now catching up on Downton Abbey and plan to start Season 3 after a meeting tonight. Looks like I will make a dent in “only 11 to go”!

New Sock for Bonnie

Bonnie recently purchased this lovely colorful packet of mini-skeins of yarn….I think it was at the Interweave Knit Lab last fall. She has designed her sock with her color line-up choices and she is custom-shaping. I love this sock and the custom fitting!

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Mary and her Tomten Jacket

Mary is happy…happy! It was a happy evening recently at knitting workshop…she completed the knitting journey of the Tomten Jacket, a Elizabeth  Zimmerman design.

She knit this garter-stitch design in Brown Sheep Lambspride Superwash. She began this sweater for her granddaughter…..time slipped away…and now her neighbors have been gifted with this lovely sweater for their newly adopted child. As you can see Mary was overjoyed  to complete this project….she stuck with it and you can see the results.

The Tomten Jacket

The detailing that makes this Tomten unique is that Mary rolled the edging back and tacked it all around. She also created an I-cord loop for the toggle button.

Yeah Mary!

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