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Our family – my sister and her family; Bill and I have been on a 5-month journey…..it’s been a different  kind of journey…one in which my brother-in-law had a routine surgery, he went home and then two days later his body systems were in trouble. He entered the hospital again on August 25 (and was in hospital or rehab) until he left this earth on January 23…..you can read more about him and his journey at our family blog.

Knitting...one of my life long "loves".

Knitting…one of my life long “loves”.

As we prepare for his services we are all going through our photo boxes…we have found many….you can see some of those at my family blog. I found one of me ….guess what I was doing? If you click through (as I did) you will see that I am looking a little tired…..I am going to bet that the weight of my hair was exhausting me!! It certainly wasn’t the knitting.

My brother-in-law Jim was at this family gathering at my mom’s home….knitting traveled everywhere with me….thus all my family experienced my “joy”. While I never knit anything for Jim…I did for the children – Honara, Sundee, Michael and Jeffrey. Some of you have heard me tell the Christmas story of the gift I gave to Jeffrey when he was 5 or so. I wrapped up the knitted vest…almost done…included the needles and the yarn. When Jeffrey opened his gift he said, “Auntie, there is a mistake here. This belongs to you…knitting!!” The laughter that followed was great…I took the gift home and completed it for Jeffrey. We still tell this story and Jeffrey is now 33!

I fear that I am bit rambling today…but truly I am reflecting on many things about Jim’s life. I recall that Corrie ten Boom reflected on her life and said that she led an “uneventful” life until she helped during WWII. I think Jim might..just might think his life was uneventful. However, this is not the reality. He married my sister Betty who had two young girls…he adopted them and formed the family unit before the nephews were born.  Jim and my sister raised four lovely children (of course, I am proud)! As my sister says, “He touched many lives…particularly young people!”

He didn’t knit…but I loved him anyway! During the years we would often “butt” heads…but I have to say I couldn’t have more regard, love and respect for Jim and the way in which he handled the last five months of his life. He left us with a gift on how to behave. Some of his last thoughts and words were….”Be kind and loving to each other.” I gained a whole new respect for my brother-in-law…but damn, he still didn’t take up knitting! We will all miss Jim!

Jim and Betty - when their daughter Honara married April 1990.

Jim and Betty – when their daughter Honara married April 1990.

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Well…how darn great is this?! Thanks Kimberly of “My Daily Cocktail of Yarn……”

Craftini: My Daily Cocktail of Yarn, Beads and Paper

Just a quick post about Tri-Shutter Cards, which I just discovered via Pinterest. THANK YOU, PINTEREST!!!

Tri-shutter cards are folded cards with five faces. They can stand on their own, thank to the folds. Here are two I have made so far . . .

I had used die cuts, some punches and some 3-d flowers – all of which I had I am embarrassed to say.

I was so happy with this one, I made a second – a sympathy card for a dear friend whose brother recently passed. I’ll hand it to her in person tonight.

For this one, I used two coordinating but contrasting papers. I used one on the first, last and center strips, and used the second one on the bottom and top strips. I think this adds more visual interest than if I just used one paper overall.

I found the template and…

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Happy New Year Greetings to all!  Let’s share more of our knitting, creativity, and friendship throughout this new year!clpsignature


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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. These results were complied before my year end posts re: 2012.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Yes…..there’s more…almost forgot the ukulele duo! Finding those led me to a few more. Now HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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I got half way through the year yesterday. Here’s the rest of the glimpse into 2012!

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