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Cowboy Cowl

Cowboy Cowl

In early January I saw this great looking cowl from Annie’s Catalog posted on Facebook….I immediately sent a copy to my Idaho sister asking if she thought her daughter Jade would like it. The answer yes…..we chose the color blue. Jade’s birthday was in early February and her present (somewhat true to form) arrived at her doorstep late February. She had a “photo shoot” yesterday. Jade gave us a couple versions of how she would wear it.

Jade 1 of 2              Jade 2 of 2

Looks like niece Jade is a natural at modeling!!

This was a fun knit….I used one my favorites – Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece which is 80% cotton and 20% wool. This yarn is great for children….wearable, washable, etc. Also…my chose of yarn allows for this cowl to be wearable year round. The pattern was a pleasure to knit. Now one for me!

The cowl “blocking”…..a wet block.

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