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My collection shows a sampling of Kimberly and Janie's works!

My collection shows a sampling of Kimberly and Janie’s works!

On the 27th I shouted out about the Gift Boutique featuring Kimberly’s Craftini and Janie Rose’s Jewelry. I intended to post photo of my collection later that evening…instead it’s early evening two days later. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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A shout out for a lovely event- Jewelry Boutique – happening at Skein Lane Studio this coming Saturday, Nov 30 – noon until 5pm. This is a great chance to stay out of the crowds and shop this event for your jewelry gifts. Kimberly Ligocki and Janie Rose will be featuring new jewelry. You can visit their Etsy stores – Kimberly’s Craftini  and Janie Rose Jewelry to get a sense of the beauty they create….you can also see a couple things that now live in my jewelry collection.  P.S. more than a couple are in my collection….will post more later today.

Join us…..it will be fun! Need the address? 208 Carmel Ave, El Cerrito, CA …. Phone 510.525.9276

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Greenwood Fibers

Gold Dust by Greenwood Fiberworks

How much fun….I went shopping via text message from Cameron and Kimberly.  I was in a meeting when the text came…..did I want…and which one??

Well who could pick just one? Now both of these lovely skeins are in my collection….and have joined my long list of projects. I will keep you posted about what these beauties become. For now here are the details:  Gold Dust from Greenwood Fiberworks – a hand-painted yarn – 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon, 5% Stellina (a non-metal glittery yarn)…100 grams…438 yards  – colors Earthen Hues, Grapevine.

Oh….I have “startist”!! I am sure I will get one skein underway this week.

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A couple days ago I “shouted out” about my finished purple poncho shawl.  Now here is the blocking method I used. I washed it on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. I then dried it on the air fluff cycle moving it up to ultra care towards the end. The end did not mean dry…just damp. As I laid it out on the drying table, I wasn’t pleased with the way it was going to dry. There were would be lines that I didn’t want. The solution was the dress form….it has dried/blocked beautifully! I also washed/blocked the original version.

I was asked about the pattern…here are some more details. The yarn used was MaggiKnits cotton linen, the 4-row mini-mock cable  pattern came from Weekend Knits, and the sizing was 18″ x 54″. You can choose your yarn and stitch pattern, i.e. mini-mock cable pattern. Once you have knit this long piece you bring a cast on or cast off edge over to a selvdage edge and sew the edges together. In fact, the detailed instructions  for  assembly are posted on the Skein Lane site. Scroll to Poncho Fever and you will be set!

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