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My Idaho nieces were just here for their annual 24-hour whirlwind visit. We played tourist….we visited……we ate……and we fantasized about the latest new craze of coloring….”Secret Garden” and “Enchanted Forest”. Some of my knitting friends – Kimberly, Bonnie, Merle, Karen (I think there are more) – have embarked on the adult coloring books that are so popular. I succumbed…have purchased copy for myself…well I had too because I decided to gift my nieces and nephew with these books. I was so happy that the girls were engulfed in their books (my nephew’s book is being mailed to him). Jade said, “I am so into this!” Jade and Abby were sharing comments Friday morning as they were waking up for the day.

Just before they left yesterday Bella (almost 13) asked for my phone # so that she could text. She did a few times in the afternoon….and the last one was her “first” coloring. Her message “finished my first one…but this is in Abby’s book” which is Enchanted Forest. The older girls, Bella and Jade, and I have Secret Garden…..Abby and Carson have “Enchanted Forest”.

So happy that these lovely coloring books are being enjoyed….off to get my coloring pencils today. Bella said I could share her work….so, of course, I am.

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