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Stone Point – Done!

I finished this lovely piece a little over a week ago and have worn it. I love the drape and style of this knitted fabric. We all know I do not need one more knitted garment … or for that matter any garment … in my closet but that does not stop me from casting on again and again for new projects. My version of Stone Point came about simply because I saw a model on display at my favorite LYS – Avenue Yarns.

You all know that once the last stitch of the knitted garment is completed, there are a few more things that need to happen.

  • Weave in all the loose yarns created when a new ball of yarn is attached.
  • Try on for final fitting and then measure piece.
  • Block it. I prefer the wet block method. I load my top loading washer with lukewarm water and add Eucalon according to instructions. Next drop garment in water to soak for 20-30 mins. DO NOT RUN THE WASH CYCLE or RINSE CYYLE. Move the setting to SPIN. I then let the SPIN run until almost done. I do this so the garment is not spun out so much as to create wrinkles. I then take the garment to The multipurpose table in my studio and lay it out to measurements in a towel in table. After I have smoothed /pressed the garment with my hands, I cover the garment with another towel. It is ready to wear (or use) when dry.

I am very happy with this latest…I know i will wear it a lot….it will be one of my favorite go to’s to wear.

Tip: I find it much easier to stay on track with multiple stitch repeats in the pattern to use markers, i.e there were 12 stitches per pattern over 24 rows. I placed markers every 12 stitches and then I would count when I completed a set to be sure I was on track. Of course, after a bit of knitting of a pattern it becomes imprinted in my knitting fingers and brain.

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