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IMG_1061Happy birthday to Jean!! A couple weeks ago the FMKG (Friday Morning Knit Group) was pondering whose birthday was up next. Jean was at this session…but not  a word heard from Jean…I went to the birthday list and shouted out “It’s Jean’s birthday coming up!” Her special day happens between knit work shop sessions….we couldn’t decide this past Friday or the next one….so it’s both. This past Friday was the 1st celebration. Many of us could be there….Kimberly was back from her month in Nantucket….Cameron, Ellen, Patricia, and Rachell were otherwise committed….so some 14 of us gathered to celebrate wonderful Jean. And we knit too! Watch for posting about Debra’s finished baby afghan/blanket.




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Connie_BirthdayCards_2014 There was one more birthday celebrated a week ago…..Connie’s. The table was full of knitters and gifts of flowers, jewelry, yarn. Oh….we ate had treats as well. Debra made a chocolate cake……she converted an almost flourless chocolate cake into GF (gluten-free) by substituting a GF flour……the cake, served with whipping cream, was delicious. This was accompanied with cheese and rice crackers brought by Jan. The cheese was so delicious I had to go out and buy some more. There was more….chocolate almonds (Karen H) and, of course, all accompanied with champagne. (I may have missed some food item.)

With all of this going on, we did find time to knit…..there is so much chatter and activity that one is best to work on simpler patterns in workshop.

Happy Birthday Connie…..her birthday is  actually April 20.






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I was more than a beat or two off this past Friday…..blame it on a bad sleep night….I didn’t whip out the camera to capture the celebration of the birthday girls at Friday knitting. So…envision Cameron, Karen H, and Janie surrounded by gifts of flowers, jewelry, unique knitting gifts, cards, champagne and a table full of knitting friends. Wait…there were strawberries and chocolate-covered macaroons (gluten-free no less and  you wouldn’t have known if not mentioned). The Friday Birthday Girls….photos from the photo gallery!

More birthdays…..in our Saturday knitting group Katie was the “Birthday Queen.

And there were a couple  one more a few weeks ago……Karen K and Rachelle from Friday group.

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My nephew Sam turned 16 yesterday…..it seems just the other that he was a baby….and just the other day that I was 16!! As well as trying to remember the young people in our family’s birthdays, I am on a sewing mission. The last 6 weeks have seen an apron with the theme of hearts and cherries for niece Jade, an apron with a cowboy theme for nephew Carson, a Batman pillowcase (check out Skein Lane’s FB page) for nephew Daniel (a “just because gift” because he is such a Batman “geek”…hey I use to like Batman in college), and now a baseball theme pillowcase for Sam.  With my usual unpossessed self I am now thinking about all kinds of personalized themes for pillow cases and aprons. I am on the outlook for theme-related fabric…..I’ll know it when I see it!

Here is the latest re Sam’s 16th birthday. He is the youngest of “our” second generation. My 4-yr old nephew Carson is the youngest of “our” first generation. Our family certainly crosses a great age span in generations. Two more celebrations are coming up in May….stay tuned!

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It’s been more than a week since we celebrated yet another birthday in FMKG – our  Friday Morning Knitting Group.This time it was Karen K…we also celebrated new craft ideas as well as sharing our Stitches West experiences. Several of us swore, including me, that we would simply window shop…but I believe but all but one of the Stitches attendees came home with at least one more project to knit. I felt really successful because I only came home with one of the four projects that I coveted. How many would I have really coveted if I wasn’t working in MaggiKnits booth? I only spent about an hour on the market floor over 3 1/2 days. Ohhhh…..I did come home with another knit book – “The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook” by Melissa Leapman. One can never have enough books….right? I will share more about my projects and this wonderful knit book in another post. Now it’s back to FMKG.

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This week we celebrated Bonnie’s birthday with gifts, cheer, champagne, rain and more knitting. I am sure some of us got at least a couple of rows knit. My Honeycomb Cowl has 320 stitches so I was quite happy to get two rows knit, particularly with all the celebration. Happy, happy birthday to Bonnie!

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Two birthday girls – Kimberly and Sarah caused us to uncork the champagne once again. We had two Fridays in a row to celebrate. We even found time to knit. Be sure to check out the love wristlets that Sarah knit and is wearing! Happy, happy birthday…..

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Cowboy Cowl

Cowboy Cowl

In early January I saw this great looking cowl from Annie’s Catalog posted on Facebook….I immediately sent a copy to my Idaho sister asking if she thought her daughter Jade would like it. The answer yes…..we chose the color blue. Jade’s birthday was in early February and her present (somewhat true to form) arrived at her doorstep late February. She had a “photo shoot” yesterday. Jade gave us a couple versions of how she would wear it.

Jade 1 of 2              Jade 2 of 2

Looks like niece Jade is a natural at modeling!!

This was a fun knit….I used one my favorites – Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece which is 80% cotton and 20% wool. This yarn is great for children….wearable, washable, etc. Also…my chose of yarn allows for this cowl to be wearable year round. The pattern was a pleasure to knit. Now one for me!

The cowl “blocking”…..a wet block.

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Yesterday there was one more photo I wanted to post re: Dorothy and I couldn’t figure out how to improve the grainy image…well with a little more patience this morning I played around with my simple photo program…success!

Once again….Dorothy and one of her FHA groups.

P.S. Seated from right to left….me, one of my best friends Chris (she was at the birthday celebration yesterday), my cousin Diane (also one of my best friends), and Vickie (Chris’s sister). A couple more names…standing left to right…Dorothy and second student from left is Beverly (cousin-in-law and also life-long friend).

From our yearbook.

From Stratton High yearbook (62-63)

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Invitation to celebrate Dorothy's 100th birthday!

Invitation to celebrate Dorothy’s 100th birthday!

Dorothy Cross Smith Brown is celebrating her 100th birthday today.

I spoke with her a couple of days before Christmas as I chose not to attend because we have family illness here in the Bay Area of California. So many of my school friends and family will be there. Dorothy said, ” I understand. Come in the spring and spend a weekend with me.” I will.

I love and admire Dorothy!

Dorothy Smith - photo from early 60's yearbook.

Dorothy Smith – photo from early 60’s yearbook.

Who is Dorothy? In the spring of my 12th year my family (parents, sister and I)  moved to my dad’s hometown – Stratton, CO. It soon became one of my home towns….I have three – Stratton, CO; The Bay Area of Northern California and Geelong, Australia. I met Dorothy at church but it was  later in the fall when I actually turned 12 and entered junior high school that I “really” met her. It was the start of 6 years of study in the field of Home Economics with her. Throughout my life I have been grateful that she was a mentor through my school years and then we became  life-long friends. There are so many things to share about her…and of course these are my personal perspective. Here’s a few of the things that we have shared over the years.

  • One of my first lessons in my 7th grade home economics class that “tea is drunk without milk here in Stratton”.  In Australia we only had tea with milk! I don’t know why that made such a lasting impression but it did.
  • Dorothy encouraged leadership. It was through her mentoring and sometimes gentle prodding that I undertook leadership roles in F.H.A. (Future Homemakers of America)…an organization founded in the late 40’s and introduced to Stratton High School in the early 60’s I believe.
  • Dorothy’s home economics class was just that…..a study of the economics of running home and life. We did learn to sew and cook…we also learned money management, nursing care, family care, creativity……a multitude of things. Her teaching and leadership created a foundation for many of us.
  • A love of family….she and her husband Oscar (Superintendent of Stratton High School) raised 4 children – 3 sons and 1 daughter. My dad came from a very large family (12) and I found that I had cousins or aunts in almost every grade of the 12 grades of school. I believe Dorothy has probably attended every Fred Pugh family wedding and funeral held in Stratton.
  • Easter always evokes the memory of Dorothy singing in the church choir at Sunrise Services.
  • It was with Dorothy’s mentorship and sponsorhip that I was selected as one of the two delegates from Colorado to attend the National Conference on Smoking and Youth. Ugh…I was one of those smoking young people. It took me 14 years to see the error of my choice. In 1983 I graduated from college (15 years later than intended)….my thesis paper, dedicated to Dorothy, was “Smoking in the Workplace”.
  • Most times that I traveled to Colorado to visit family or attend reunions included a visit with Dorothy. We kept abreast of the friends, family…. stuff.
  • Several years ago Dorothy and her family were written up in the Rocky Mountain News. She had 57 of her family….children, grandchildren, great grandchildren home for Thanksgiving. Her daughter Jean described her mother as the “original” Martha Stewart!
  • In 2004 Dorothy won a Star Stitcher Award at  TNNA – the National Needlework Association. As owner of Skein Lane I  entered Dorothy as a candidate and was delighted that she was one of the chosen. Her daughter Jean traveled with her to this event held in San Diego, CA. It was special. You can read more about this at Dorothy Brown Star Stitcher Award.
  • We talk throughout the year….not enough…but we stay connected. We talked after I finished listening to the The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan. Dorothy shared her experience of the dirt storms of the 30’s. Her first child Gordon was born then…she and Oscar did not know if their baby would survive. He did!

There is really so much to share and enjoy about Dorothy. Happy 100th birthday! I know she will have an extraordinary celebration this afternoon. I can’t wait to hear about and to see her in the Spring.

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