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Connie_BirthdayCards_2014 There was one more birthday celebrated a week ago…..Connie’s. The table was full of knitters and gifts of flowers, jewelry, yarn. Oh….we ate had treats as well. Debra made a chocolate cake……she converted an almost flourless chocolate cake into GF (gluten-free) by substituting a GF flour……the cake, served with whipping cream, was delicious. This was accompanied with cheese and rice crackers brought by Jan. The cheese was so delicious I had to go out and buy some more. There was more….chocolate almonds (Karen H) and, of course, all accompanied with champagne. (I may have missed some food item.)

With all of this going on, we did find time to knit…..there is so much chatter and activity that one is best to work on simpler patterns in workshop.

Happy Birthday Connie…..her birthday is  actually April 20.






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Two birthday girls – Kimberly and Sarah caused us to uncork the champagne once again. We had two Fridays in a row to celebrate. We even found time to knit. Be sure to check out the love wristlets that Sarah knit and is wearing! Happy, happy birthday…..

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Family Gathering at Grandma and Grandpa's

Family Gathering at Grandma and Grandpa’s

Memories: My love of gatherings started when I was young. We cousins would be seated at our card table / dining tables.  In this photo, taken in the living room of Grandma and Grandpa’s basement house, there were seven of us cousins and two of our aunts. The age range in Dad’s family is interesting to say the least! One of our aunts was born a couple years before the arrival of the first two  grandchildren and our youngest aunt was born in the midst of the next three grandchildren  and a couple years before cousin Diane and me .

Memories just created from Friday, December 13, annual celebration. We, the Friday morning knitting workshop (FMKW) group , have celebrated for years and this year our group numbered 17 sans 1 who had dental emergency…we missed Karen K. We dress up, we toast, we eat, we enjoy the years of friendship, we gift special gifts and we “white elephant” gift. Our “white elephant”version allows one to bump once during a round….everyone wanted Jan’s gift choice but it was so beautiful no one wanted to be “mean”…although I really thought about it. The gift that Connie received – a capricorn lobster stuffed with a skein of sock yarn caused much laughter.

We met at a new venue for us this year, Solano Bar and Grill on Solano Ave. There were many things that worked well for our size group….we preordered a few days from a banquet menu, we had a semi-private room which really accommodated the wonderful noise that we create, the service was great….. we all had a great time. Cheers to this wonderful season!

p.s. tried to present photos in order of happenings!

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Greenwood Fibers

Gold Dust by Greenwood Fiberworks

How much fun….I went shopping via text message from Cameron and Kimberly.  I was in a meeting when the text came…..did I want…and which one??

Well who could pick just one? Now both of these lovely skeins are in my collection….and have joined my long list of projects. I will keep you posted about what these beauties become. For now here are the details:  Gold Dust from Greenwood Fiberworks – a hand-painted yarn – 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon, 5% Stellina (a non-metal glittery yarn)…100 grams…438 yards  – colors Earthen Hues, Grapevine.

Oh….I have “startist”!! I am sure I will get one skein underway this week.

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Well….we did knit for a bit. Tonight was scattered…many of us were traveling or had other commitments. One of us, Marsha, had a commitment  to hear Robert Hanna, the great, great grandson of John Muir, speak at REI.  Along with my knitting I joined Marsha for the presentation. I knit but only until the lights went out…I was on a design row and I couldn’t proceed without the lights. The truth of the matter is that the speaker and his presentation were so great that he captivated his audience of 50 people or so for an hour and a half. We “traveled” through John Muir’s biographical timeline. It was meaningful from a historical perspective as well learning more about his love of Yosemite and the outdoors. I was one of those who did not know about his very creative mind for invention in his early years.  And John Muir walked many miles in his youth. Did you know that he walked through Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Canada on one walk? Another one of his walks took him from Wisconsin to Florida traveling though country that been wounded by the Civil War. When he arrived in San Francisco in 1868 he was over come with the density of population and immediately asked for directions to Yosemite. Along the way – he walked – he worked at ranches.

As a family historian of my family, I so enjoyed the family history style presentation…..photos through the generations and the life works of John Muir. I can hardly believe I’ve lived all these years in the Bay Area and have not seen the historic Muir Mansion in Martinez. Guess what I will be doing soon?

Many thanks to Marsha for mentioning her plans for the evening. Now I need to make those needles click. I realized a couple of days ago how long my purple poncho/shawl has been on the needles!

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