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My collection shows a sampling of Kimberly and Janie's works!

My collection shows a sampling of Kimberly and Janie’s works!

On the 27th I shouted out about the Gift Boutique featuring Kimberly’s Craftini and Janie Rose’s Jewelry. I intended to post photo of my collection later that evening…instead it’s early evening two days later. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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A few weeks ago Jan and Rachelle both brought their latest creations to share…….infused glass work.

Just a few minutes later Jan arrived with her beautifully crafted infused glass jewelry….bracelet and necklace. We were all in awe.

Jan introduced us to her glass creativity abilities last August when she showed one of her first pieces made in her class at Bulleyes Glass Co. She has made several since….I fear my camera didn’t capture many….darn it! The last of today’s show and tell belongs to Rachelle. I saw this while helping pack moving boxes. It was a recent creation!

They knit too!

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