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Need to have a quick knit on your needles for this Thanksgiving weekend? Check out these possibilities for a cowl scarf.

About three weeks ago Phyllis came to our Thursday night knitting group with the best looking cowl…simple, good looking and a quick knit. Her pattern called for a larger yarn on a size 17 needle.

The following week Debbie H. came with her three renditions of this cowl scarf. She had a wonderful knitting week! Notice the buttons…a lovely addition/embellisment! You can take any stitch pattern that pleases your eye…using the needles appropriate for your yarn cast on the number of stitches needed (gauge: number of stitches per inch x width) to create width of 5 to 5 1/2 inch….knit your pattern for 30 inches. You can end by including buttonholes, or not, join and add the buttons for embellishment. Phyllis used 1 skein of Malibrigo Rasta, Susanne used Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece, Debbie used various yarns from her stash and I’ve made several with Maggi’s Merino Chunky and another one with Rosarios 4 (both types available at Skein Lane Studio….used 3 balls for each one.)

To see the styles up and close you either click through the photo to the larger image or scroll to the slide show which is in larger image. Enjoy!

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A couple of weeks ago our Saturday morning knitting group went on a “field trip”. We traveled to Artfibers in Pinole and knit amongst the wonderful fibers. Some of us walked away with yarn for new projects. Diane and I looked, awed, and then sat down to knit on existing projects.

I am knitting a summer shell/tank out of MaggiKnits linen in dusty rose. Diane is knitting a stole with Queensland Collection’s Kathmandu in smoky gray (yarn available through Skein Lane Studio) – it is trimmed with Crystal Palace’s Waikiki in a deep vibrant blue. Will show both when completed. Notice the colorful quilt that is hanging on the wall behind of us. I emailed Rox of Artfibers last night and here’s her info on the beautiful quilt.

The quilt was designed and made by a good friend and wonderful quilter named Evelyn who lives in New Zealand.  On one of our trips to New Zealand, Evelyn gave me a sneak preview of a show where this quilt was being shown along with a series of others she had made on the theme of stained glass.  I fell in love with this piece.  She came to stay with us for a bit last spring and we
got the pleasure of showing her some of the wonders of the SF Bay area.  When she departed, she presented the quilt to us as a gift (made me cry!).   It is nice to have a large wall to show it on.  It’s a powerful piece that really adds so much to the ambiance of Artfibers!”

PJ is knitting a scarf for her son Sam – she is knitting it in Bouton d’or’s Ksar – the pattern Textural Scarf in Scarves by Judith. Check out the Ravelry link  http://www.ravelry.com/projects/PJKnitsUFOs/textural.

PJ did purchase some yarn, She bought 1300 yards of Tsuki, a silk/mohair laceweight that she plans to carry along with some merino that she purchased when when traveled in New Zealand. Her thought is she will make a cardigan, but so far she has only swatched and sketched. Words directly from PJ.

It was a fun time knitting and shopping (for some) at Artfibers. We will journey there again.

Carol had fun selecting new yarn and then relaxed as you can see in the last photo.

Nina and Terry were off shopping when these photos were taken!

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Karen - Beautiful in her Alaca Stole
Karen – Beautiful in her Alaca Stole

Karen is an enthusiatic knitter and a part of the Friday knitting workshop group. She fell in love with this MaggiKnits design, The Alaca Stole, at this past Stitches West.  And now Karen has just finished knitting this design. The Alaca Stole pattern is from MaggiKnts Book #11, Squares and Frills and Karen made the smaller version – same number of squares…just smaller.  The stole is knit with MaggiKnits Linen – a 3-ply yarn made up of 52% Cotton and 48% Linen. The color she chose was Natural. Karen sent these wonderful photos.You will also be able to see more photos at Kimberly’s Craftini soon

Don’t both Karen and the stole look stunning!

Karen - Alaca Stole
Karen – Alaca Stole
A close up of Karen's Alaca Stole
A close up of Karen’s Alaca Stole

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We heard the clicking….not of the needles but that of the crutch helping Karen come up the stairs – five of them….and then a step-down into the studio. She was greeted with a round of cheers, hugs, and kisses!

She had been absent for several weeks….she was doing the most ordinary of things…her office couch had just been cleaned…the cushions were on the floor…she turned around and the next thing she knew she was twisting her leg as she tried to prevent her fall. Yep, she tripped over the cushion. The words of wisdom here are – Be Careful! Most accidents happen in the home or home offices.

Back to Karen….she broke her tibula and was house-bound as her leg mended. She did some knitting….and the knitting group came to her a couple of weeks ago. Like many of us who have unexpected immobility problems, Karen was challenged to manage her work, her household, and her knitting. But she’s back and in full form. She was wearing one of her many knits…now she is working on a MaggiKnits stole. There will be more to say about about that as her stole “builds’….she has six or seven squares done now.

Coming next: More Friday knitting workshop tales!

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Our feet are finally back on the ground after Stitches West and MaggiKnits. It was a wonderful trade show….lots of knitting enthusiam….and great to see so many old acquaintances and friends. Maggie and Julie. who came from the UK to help Maggi, were their creative best helping customers making decisions about garment and color choices.

Maggi Knits Team and customers

Maggi Knits Team and customers

My staff and I helped our customers walk away happy. Many thanks to Sundee, Jan, Merle, and Debbie for all their help!  It was a great weekend. And since then many of us have been knitting Maggi designs. A MaggiKnits knitalong starts on May 2. Check our website www.skeinlane.com for the details.

Other exciting MaggiKnit news is that I spent time talking with Pat (and Sharon) from Neighbor Knit Shop in Hendersonville, TN while they were on their way to Stitches South in Atlanta. They were meeting up with Maggi for another weekend of retailing fun. We were both quite excited about the endless possibilities of knitting with Maggi’s yarns. In fact, Pat mentioned that one of her customers is using MaggiKnit’s linen to knit The Classic Shirt from Mother-Daughter Knits by Sally Melville & Caddy Melville Ledbetter.

Stay tuned for our soon-to-come MaggiKnits garments and tips page to be featured at www.skeinlane.com

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MaggiKnits yarn  is here, the kits are prepared, the packing is almost done and Stitches West opens tomorrow. It’s show time folks! See you at the market, booth #728,  at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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Today has been a very active day sorting through all the various cyperspace connections – blogs, Skein Lane Studio, Raverly, and Facebook. Was able to post something to each site….and in turn heard back from many “Skein Laners” – what a wonderful community. And the knitting excitement re:Stitches continues to grow. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Maggi’s yarns for the event….I will try to keep my knitting needles out of the yarn until Stitches is over.

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