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Carson turned 4

It was just  two or three weeks ago that I sewed an apron for 10-yr old neice Jade….my sister quickly let me know that Carson soon turning 4 would also like an apron. We put our heads together about fabric choice…I found the cowboy boots materials. Then I was back at the sewing machine. The apron arrived on his birthday, Mar 3…..my sister sent me a video of Carson opening his gift and then modeling…..very sweet!! The next day my sister let me know that Carson had been wearing his apron all morning. His grandmother tells me he likes to cook scrambled eggs and pancakes!

I am on a “sewing roll” right now…have a couple more projects lined up.

The cowboy apron…..

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Memory: ’twas the night before Christmas. My nieces and nephews were young….14, 12, 5, and 2….something like that. We came home from midnight mass at St Leonard’s in Fremont to my sister’s home. I think my sister and her husband were busy playing Santa behind the scenes. The girls and I were with oldest nephew Michael. He was always full of energy and wasn’t having anything to do with going to bed until I said, “Wait Michael, I hear  Santa’s reindeers on the roof. You must go to bed or they won’t stop.” If only I had a camera for that moment. That young boy’s eyes grew bright with delight and fright! He quickly ran off to bed. There is another Christmas memory to share along with this one….a few years later when my youngest nephew was about five I gave him an in-progress knitted vest. That young boy opened the package and said, “I think there has been a mistake Auntie….this looks like your present.” haha

Today’s memory: Oh, this is short and sweet! Have been on the fly today….have more personal creations to share from our knitting circle….but guess what?  I am out of time. ’twas the night before Christmas tune just came on! Today’s current memory photo is that of annual family Christmas ice skating gathering….we gather to share and celebrate. Other photos of creativity that are in the line-up will be appearing later this Christmas week.

Some of our family!

Some of our family!….ps check out my knitted scarf!!

Merry Christmas and season’s greetings to all.

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Memory: There were two Christmas seasons way back when I was once again “possessed” to knit, knit, knit to meet the Christmas gift deadline.  I am sure that many of you can remember/place the timeframe of the afghan. Yes, it was the early 70’s when I decided on Thanksgiving to my knit my grandma Elizabeth an afghan. I calculated how many rows I could knit in an hour, how many days until Christmas, and how many hours I needed to knit a day. I recall that it was at least 2 hours a day and I got it completed two days before Christmas – squeezed in some more late hours on some of those days…thus the early completion. I believe it was the next year I decided to knit matching cable ponchos for my sister, her two girls and myself. I started in July and was finished by Christmas. Alas, I don’t have a photo of those, but I did google and came up with a sample of photo of the style. It was a Vogue knitting pattern…..I am sure it is somewhere in my very large knitting collection, but oh where is that somewhere? Okay for now….visualize….two rectangle pieces knit with cables and bobbles, joined together to create poncho effect, and the resulted opening is filled with a 1 x 1 rib neckline. These ponchos were a fun knit.

Click, click memory of today: Last week I mentioned that Susanne visited us from Chico  and she inspired some of to knit ear warmers as presents. (The pattern comes form Ashlee on Ravelry….Susanne used a Nicky Epstein pattern to knit the flowers.) How much fun to see this past Saturday three ear muffs in the works. Nina is knitting one with a thick and thin wool for her granddaughter. Terry finished a different version that looked great on many….well not me…with my “wild” hair I looked like was Phyllis Diller’s look alike! True to form for me I changed the pattern that Susanne used to incorporate some bling and I am half-way done with my version of Terry’s. Note: Terry added mohair in the ear area to create more warmth….quite clever.

Yes….I won’t make the Christmas deadline….but darn close! It will be a special “delivery” for those gifts. This collection of photos includes some of my treasured craft pieces.

p.s.  time to start clicking those needles again….so “to press” we go!

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My 1st Christmas tree away from home!

My 1st Christmas tree away from home!

Memory: How funny is this? I was trolling though my old photos and stumbled upon this “great design”. It was my 1st qtr at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and my roommate Diana and I got creative! Clearly we were on a budget! We lived in a relatively new dorm – Ellis Hall. The first coed dorm, Edwards Hall,  opened our freshman year. You might imagine that my parents weren’t having any of that. The joy of so many old photos is that they evoke so many memories. In this case, I so enjoyed my roommate but she didn’t make it past 1st qtr. When she left I think she was planning her marriage. We lost touch…but I’ve never lost the memory of Diana!

More memories created in 2013: These photos are a revisit to photos I posted when I returned from the Pugh Family Reunion in my home town (one of my three) of Stratton, CO. My cousin’s wife, Avril and one of my dear friends, and I visited her mother Lily. This visit and trip through Lily’s craft life of quilting and crochet will be forever special to me.

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Yesterday I awoke thinking of the 12 days of Christmas (even humming and that is a stretch for me). I thought momentarily that I would use it as the theme for sharing all the creativity and memories that have been twirling around in my brain since before Thanksgiving…..but that lovely theme is used by many including my dear friend of Kimberly’s Daily Craftini.  So my theme for this season is Memories of the Season along with the creativity and joy that I see so often in our circle of knitting and friendships.

Betty and Carolyn

Betty and Carolyn

A childhood memory: My sister Betty and I are young. She’s enough younger than me that her memory is vague about this, but she does recall singing How Much is that Little Doggie in the Window (she was asked to sing many times when she was young because she had pitch perfect voice).  Mom was driving with her two girls down Mt Diablo Blvd in Lafayette, CA. We see the store windows aglow with Christmas lights; we are full of glee as we are singing (this is before I knew I shouldn’t blast out my voice which didn’t carry a tune ). I remember singing The First Noel, Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and How Much is that Little Doggie in the Window as Mom was driving a “new” Pontiac with a 2-yr old in the front seat and a “bossy” 5-yr old in the back seat. 

Today’s memories: The knitters/crafters, as always, have been prolific. Here comes a random collection! p.s. if you aren’t in these photos you will be sometime in Memories of the Season!

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A wedding in our midst

The Finished Shrug

The Finished Shrug

This message was posted on Facebook by longtime Skein Lane customer and  friend Alice Varga. Her daughter was married this past weekend.

“O, yesterday was truly the best day ever with Kristina Kenney and Jason Holt getting married. There was just so much love in that room! It was incredible and a fantastic way for them to begin their journey through life with such a wonderful commitment with family and friends to share their joy!  Their ceremony and vows were beautiful!”

Alice and I met a couple times this past summer to consult over the sweater/shrug design she and her daughter chose for Alice to knit for this happy event.

Alice and I met on August 24....she came to me with pattern, vision, and measurements.  With the following information....the knitting journey began. 
  • Bust = 44.5 
  • Lower edge = 40 
  • Armhole to waist = 6 
  • Stitch pattern = 12 + 1 
  • Gauge = 5 
  • CO 108 +1 

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Our family – my sister and her family; Bill and I have been on a 5-month journey…..it’s been a different  kind of journey…one in which my brother-in-law had a routine surgery, he went home and then two days later his body systems were in trouble. He entered the hospital again on August 25 (and was in hospital or rehab) until he left this earth on January 23…..you can read more about him and his journey at our family blog.

Knitting...one of my life long "loves".

Knitting…one of my life long “loves”.

As we prepare for his services we are all going through our photo boxes…we have found many….you can see some of those at my family blog. I found one of me ….guess what I was doing? If you click through (as I did) you will see that I am looking a little tired…..I am going to bet that the weight of my hair was exhausting me!! It certainly wasn’t the knitting.

My brother-in-law Jim was at this family gathering at my mom’s home….knitting traveled everywhere with me….thus all my family experienced my “joy”. While I never knit anything for Jim…I did for the children – Honara, Sundee, Michael and Jeffrey. Some of you have heard me tell the Christmas story of the gift I gave to Jeffrey when he was 5 or so. I wrapped up the knitted vest…almost done…included the needles and the yarn. When Jeffrey opened his gift he said, “Auntie, there is a mistake here. This belongs to you…knitting!!” The laughter that followed was great…I took the gift home and completed it for Jeffrey. We still tell this story and Jeffrey is now 33!

I fear that I am bit rambling today…but truly I am reflecting on many things about Jim’s life. I recall that Corrie ten Boom reflected on her life and said that she led an “uneventful” life until she helped during WWII. I think Jim might..just might think his life was uneventful. However, this is not the reality. He married my sister Betty who had two young girls…he adopted them and formed the family unit before the nephews were born.  Jim and my sister raised four lovely children (of course, I am proud)! As my sister says, “He touched many lives…particularly young people!”

He didn’t knit…but I loved him anyway! During the years we would often “butt” heads…but I have to say I couldn’t have more regard, love and respect for Jim and the way in which he handled the last five months of his life. He left us with a gift on how to behave. Some of his last thoughts and words were….”Be kind and loving to each other.” I gained a whole new respect for my brother-in-law…but damn, he still didn’t take up knitting! We will all miss Jim!

Jim and Betty - when their daughter Honara married April 1990.

Jim and Betty – when their daughter Honara married April 1990.

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On Christmas Eve thirty-five of us gathered at the home of my niece’s brother-in-law Bill and his family. As often happens when it was time to gather at the two tables for our sit-down meal we grouped in usual family groups….our immediate group was niece Honara and husband Scott with two of their children….Betsy and Daniel; Scott’s parents Pat and Don; Scott’s sister Stephanie and husband Kevin with their two adult boys…Kyle and Kris. We dined, we wined and we talked. We got to hear about Kyle’s work and training  in the investment world of New York and delighted in the news that he is moving to San Francisco soon….Kris talked to us both in Russian and English about his 6 months of schooling in St Petersburg….Daniel shared his plans for college applications….and Betsy talked about some of her experiences at Fresno State.

Then we moved on to the big stuff….”tats” as we hear it said. Betsy is telling us about wanting a tattoo….we are all trying to convince her not to…but if she does be discreet! Just a few days ago she added a jewel to her nose….I must say it is discreet and attractive. We are all giving Bets lots of advice and then the conversation takes a turn….Kevin is really laughing as he says, “Why Carolyn I would have thought you would have a tat of knitting needles right over your heart!” We were off the chair laughing!

..hmmmm, should I?

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