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BetsyWhoohoo! Another pillow case gifted…a “just because” gift for niece Betsy who is at Fresno State. She is in finals this week. With this one I learned a different technique to add the pillow case cuff and to finish it off with a French seam…..which is so much easier than one could imagine. Karen Larsen pointed me to this video which gave perfect step-by-step directions. As I was sewing the French Seam, I remembered that Grandma Elizabeth in her youth sewed French Seams by hand.





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The Gifts Arrived

With some determination and Priority Mail the gifts arrived on time…..well Valentine’s that is! Inside this box was a belated present for Jade.

While my sewing machine (Mom’s 1954 which I love to use) has been set up in the corner of my bedroom for immediate use, I think most of the recent work was mending or curtains. It really was too much fun to be possessed by the urge to sew. When my niece told me recently that she really enjoyed cooking, I thought to myself “how about I sew an apron?” It had been a long time since used my sewing skills. It was like riding a bike again….it all came back pretty quickly…well except my injured thumb caused a slow start with threading the bobbin…..lol! Sewing the  little shirring in the center of the bottom of the pocket was fun; I particularly enjoyed creating the bias with a finished 5/8″ edge.

I’ve now moved the sewing machine to a cubby in the studio area….easy instant access just to pull out and set up on big table! Another creation is in the works….just have to wait for material to arrive….learned earlier today one of them is being shipped from Hong Kong and won’t arrive for a couple weeks. Ugh! I didn’t see that in the fine print.

This morning my sister posted a video of the kids opening their presents. You can see this on my FB page. Love technology for making things so connected!

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The Vintage Poncho

In a recent post I mentioned the marathon poncho knitting that I did in the mid-1970’s. It wasn’t a Vogue pattern after all….it was Columbia Minerva Leaflet #2520 “In Ponchos”.

My friend Nan wore her “Aran Isle” poncho to church a few weeks ago and I recognized the pattern immediately. It was the same poncho design that I knit about 40 years ago for my sister , her daughters and myself.

I love our neighborhood/church grapevine…..CJ loaned me a copy of the same pattern !

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IMG_0985You might recall that I mentioned that I had four belated Christmas gifts (headband earmuffs) in the making for Idaho nieces and nephew. I cracked the whip one Saturday in early January and I was able to finish and send the gifts. Check out my nephew’s video thank you! I have a couple tips for you in making gifts for those who live long distance. For the two ear muff/headbands on the left I pinned the adornment on so that the girls could remove/change at a moment’s notice. For the one on the right I left a long thread so that my sister or her mother could crochet the correct length for the loop (so that it would fit around the head perfectly).

It was Susanne and Terry who inspired me to knit these muffs. We saw Terry’s version a couple posts back.

Now here is Susanne’s. She says, “Abbi loves having a grandma that can knit!!!  We saw one of these in the store, asked grandma to make it & viola!”

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Memory: There were two Christmas seasons way back when I was once again “possessed” to knit, knit, knit to meet the Christmas gift deadline.  I am sure that many of you can remember/place the timeframe of the afghan. Yes, it was the early 70’s when I decided on Thanksgiving to my knit my grandma Elizabeth an afghan. I calculated how many rows I could knit in an hour, how many days until Christmas, and how many hours I needed to knit a day. I recall that it was at least 2 hours a day and I got it completed two days before Christmas – squeezed in some more late hours on some of those days…thus the early completion. I believe it was the next year I decided to knit matching cable ponchos for my sister, her two girls and myself. I started in July and was finished by Christmas. Alas, I don’t have a photo of those, but I did google and came up with a sample of photo of the style. It was a Vogue knitting pattern…..I am sure it is somewhere in my very large knitting collection, but oh where is that somewhere? Okay for now….visualize….two rectangle pieces knit with cables and bobbles, joined together to create poncho effect, and the resulted opening is filled with a 1 x 1 rib neckline. These ponchos were a fun knit.

Click, click memory of today: Last week I mentioned that Susanne visited us from Chico  and she inspired some of to knit ear warmers as presents. (The pattern comes form Ashlee on Ravelry….Susanne used a Nicky Epstein pattern to knit the flowers.) How much fun to see this past Saturday three ear muffs in the works. Nina is knitting one with a thick and thin wool for her granddaughter. Terry finished a different version that looked great on many….well not me…with my “wild” hair I looked like was Phyllis Diller’s look alike! True to form for me I changed the pattern that Susanne used to incorporate some bling and I am half-way done with my version of Terry’s. Note: Terry added mohair in the ear area to create more warmth….quite clever.

Yes….I won’t make the Christmas deadline….but darn close! It will be a special “delivery” for those gifts. This collection of photos includes some of my treasured craft pieces.

p.s.  time to start clicking those needles again….so “to press” we go!

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Carolyn painted and glazed - a gift that came back to me years later!

Carolyn painted and glazed – a gift that came back to me years later!



Memory: It’s the early 1970’s…..it was a family affair. My mom, grandmother, sister and I spent many sessions at the ceramic shop. We painted Christmas decorations, trees, flower pots, canisters…you name it and we probably painted it.





Last week I took my first Glass Fusion Class.

Some earlier glass postings in 2013:

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No need to stay home tomorrow…come to Kimberly’s and Janie’s Boutique Gift Sale hosted at Skein Lane Studio. You’ll not only find great gifts but you’ll have a lot of fun. See you tomorrow! Here’s another preview of Kimberly’s collection….Photo: This is a reminder to all my Bay Area friends that tomorrow I will be selling my jewelry and cards from 1 to 4 at Skein Lane Studio in El Cerrito - address is in post below. Then I'll be at Albany Middle School Sunday from noon to three. Then, we done. Anything leftover will be on Etsy.

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Jewelry Sale Preview

Jewelry Sale Preview.
Hey everyone…trying another way of posting here…not sure what I am doing but I am “pressing” this.
Come to Kimberly and Janie’s Boutique Gift Sale on Sat, Dec 1, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. I find some of my best presents here…okay a lot of the presents are for me!!

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’tis the season…..

Are you looking for just that special gift….come see what Kimberly and Janie have to offer at their Boutique Holiday Gift Sale being hosted at Skein Lane Studio on Saturday, December 1 from 1 – 4 p.m.

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