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Another Mason-Dixon inspiration

Another Mason-Dixon inspiration

Oh where, oh where have the last two weeks gone?! You all have been knitting…I’ve been taking photos of wonderful items….there’s much more to share.

I’m thinking part of the two weeks has been caught up with my “animal farm” and pup, Lucy, needs lots of exercise…in fact, we are leaving right now for Pt Isabel. But before we leave let me share Diane’s latest.

It’s been 11/2 years now that Diane has embarked on a new path….a single person regrouping buying a home…decorating it…and one of her dreams was to knit a Mason-Dixon inspired bathroom rug. It’s garter…that’s not tough…but she knit this with 3 strands of Sugar and Spice – a cotton yarn that is a great price with great results – and it really racked havoc on her hands and shoulders. She has knit many things during this last year plus…and now the rug is done. Hurray!

More coming tomorrow! Enjoy!….oh, Lucy is calling now….we’re off!

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