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Elliot is growing!

I am the lucky person who got to be included in the photo with Elliot…Natasha and John’s beautiful new baby. We, the Saturday morning knitting group, are more than a little delighted that we see Natasha back at knitting entow with Elliot. … we are all the cooing “aunts”. We knit and “beg” to hold the baby. Natasha is so wonderful to share him with us!

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We’re back!

September has moved right by me….internet downtime stuff….getting ready for retreat in October…participating in the First Parish Arts and Crafts Festival at St Jerome’s…working on a group knitting project that is nearing completion…exercising the pup Lucy….and the research that I have been doing on the family memoir blog has consumed me. I knew that I had a lot of family history knowledge but had no idea how much and at the same time how many holes there were. Have spent more time talking with my aunts in the last few weeks than I have in many months and, in some cases, years. Great way to reconnect!

And the creativity of the knitting and the bonds of friendship continue. In my next post I am going to share the many connections that we knitters bring to the knitting table….so stay tuned for that. You might find new resources for yourself.

Most recently Nina completed a beautiful tank top that she matched up with black pants to wear to a wedding. Take a look at the work in process and the completed project.

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Darn…it’s midnight!

And darn again! I so wanted to post pictures tonight…and now realize that it is midnight…way past my witching hour….so stay tuned…photos coming!

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Internet back! Yeah!

Look for new photos of customer projects to be posted tonight.

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It truly is yikes! I am so use to having internet access and after talking with my provider (AT&T) today it should be back up by Wednesday. Ugh! In the meantime, I’m at Bill’s computer. More photos and descriptions coming soon!

Stay tuned and knit on!

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Here are more photos…..descriptions to be posted tonight…check back!

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Well….who would have thought more than a week would go by….like many of us I am lamenting not enough time. The weather has been both a blessing – more gardening – and also a cause to be inside – way too hot for me. And I have been immersed in getting for our October knitting retreat at Marconi conference Center just north of Pt Reyes. Sally Melville and Nancy Bush are our featured instructors. I have also been more than a little over the top this last week with my family blog…a historical memoir of my grandparents on the plains of Eastern Colorado. And then there is my animal farm..Stan, Ollie, and Lucy. Oh….and I have been working at my day job.

Of course, knitting is always the underlying driving force. Everyone in the knitting workshops continue to be so creative. Let’s check out some of the  knitting workshop inspirations.

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