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Elliot is growing!

I am the lucky person who got to be included in the photo with Elliot…Natasha and John’s beautiful new baby. We, the Saturday morning knitting group, are more than a little delighted that we see Natasha back at knitting entow with Elliot. … we are all the cooing “aunts”. We knit and “beg” to hold the baby. Natasha is so wonderful to share him with us!

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Natasha Marsha Elliot and Nina

Natasha Marsha Elliot and Nina

What an excitement loaded morning….designs, sharing, laughter and baby Elliot came with his mother Natasha. Once again….you’d think we’d never seen a baby….so many oohs and aahs! And he really is a lovely baby and so glad that Natasha can be with us. Some of the other highlights: Eleanor shared her Sock Summit experience (you might also want to check the Yarn Harlot’s blog), Terry shared another one of her creations, Cathy – a truly left-handed continental knitter – shared her latest translation of cable instructions as well as a baby sweater for her grandchild, Rebecca just completed a hat, Maurie is working on her adult surprise sweater, Susanne is finishing a cape stole, Diane has finished her Moderne Baby Blanket and is now working on the completion of her top-down sweater, Marsha is working on an adult Moderne Blanket, and yes…Natasha can still knit – she is working on an Feather Ripple Afghan using deep rich red and rust colors, Katie is knitting away with her gift scarves, Nina is on her rendition of MaggiKnits La Alhambra design, and Margo is making progress on her blue sweater…a lace design.

Margo was having a problem reading which row she should be on as she shapes the curves on the neckline. She thought she was on row 9 and I finally discerned that she wass on row 11….and that the first shaping on the right side of the neck was off….but I said “It’s not obvious so I might let it go.” Where upon Margo says looking at the rest of the group, “If she doesn’t care, then I don’t! (She usually does!) Let’s move on.” It’s hard to express Margo’s wonderful delivery of words and expression…but it is great and she makes us all laugh.

And a knitting tip from Cathy…as you are trying to remember names…use word association. This came up because Terry was trying to remember the name of the stitch pattern…you know the one where you just keep knitting…well it was garter. And here is Cathy’s tip: Gunsmoke – Miss Kitty wore garters! Another round of laughter.

One more tip from Eleanor which came from Charlene Schurch, instructor at Socks Summit and author of Sensational Knitted Socks….when you are swatching and changing needles in the same swatch (which is what I recommend that you do rather than casting off and starting a new swatch..simply change needles) use yo’s as separation between needle size swatches….this will control the tension between the different needle sizes used within the same swatch.

And now some more photos! Enjoy!

Coming next: works from Tues, Thurs and Friday.

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