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The Cloche for Betsy

Betsy and her parents - Honara and Scott

My grandniece Betsy graduated from Manteca High School yesterday…what a proud day for her parents (my niece Honara and husband Scott) and for all the family. Earlier this year Honara “suggested” that an afghan for Betsy as she goes off to college would be a great present. Well…good thing she said “when she goes off to college” because I wasn’t ready for graduation. So…I sought out a present that I described to Betsy yesterday as the “appetizer” present to celebrate this great accomplishment and milestone – high school graduation. I am particularly proud of Betsy and her parents……Betsy graduated with honors.

Now back to the “appetizer” graduation gift.

Betsy graduate - her cloche

I decided to knit a cloche in red for Fresno State – the college that Betsy will be attending this fall. It was such a fun and quick gift to knit inspired by Phyllis, one of our Thursday night Skein Lane knitting workshop group. The yarn – Cascade Venezia –  70% Merino Wool and 30% Silk. It was a joy to knit – great- the yarn was a pleasure going through the fingers, the yarn has great sheen, and the results are great  for such a simple pattern.

It was really fun for me when Betsy said that she was going to wear the cloche to her grad party. Yes….the kids were dressing down for their celebration.

Betsy - the side view

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Carole and the pups

As always so much to share and not quite enough time.  So….here comes bits and pieces throughout this week. Carole stopped mid-day this past Saturday…..and most of the knitting folks had left a few minutes earlier. So Terry and I were the first of the Skein Lane Saturday knitting group to see the photo taken just the day before  of the 8 puppies recently born to Carole’s Portuguese Water Dog. Dulcie is a show dog….and Carole has been busy this last year or more learning about dogs, showing dogs, and now she knows how to whelp puppies. The puppies were born a couple days ahead of schedule and Carole was on her own with Dulcie and the first of couple of pups. Couldn’t help but laugh when Carole said she just hadn’t had time to knit. You think?!

Carole modeling Terry's Shawl

Here’s Carole modeling one of Terry’s creations that she showed at last October’s Skein Lane Retreat. The Faroese shawl pattern comes from Meg Swansen and is featured on page 38-41 in Shawls and Scarves, The Best of Knitter’s Magazine, 1999. Terry knit this shawl with a lovely mohair blend yarn that she purchased from Art Fibers in Pinole.

Dulcie came over to play with my pup Lucy a few months ago….and oh where are those photos!/

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Carson's Tomten Sweater

Yeah! I finally got the buttons on the Tomten hoodie, a Elizabeth Zimmerman classic design, for Carson….wrapped the present….popped it in the mail along with bracelet presents for Carson’s three sisters aka my nieces. How much fun to receive an instant message from my sister today….thought I’d saved it….but no! In the package was LaBerta’s Rudolph the Raindeer golden book from when she was a wee one her self, a baby sweater for Carson, and bracelets for Isabella, Jade, and Abygail.

The instant message…..

  • I’ve just gotten home and there is a package on my door step….
  • oh…there is a book for me….now I’ll open Carson’s package
  • oh auntie it is lovely and I love it….thank you
  • thank you xoxox Sis
  • the girls will be home from school soon and they can open their presents.

This sequence of messages made me smile…..and made me really happy that I’d knit the sweater….thanks to my knitting friend Cathy for crocheting the beaded bracelets for the girls.

The children!

As I was thinking about this post tonight, I googled “Tomten Jacket” and got many links. It was fascinating to see how many different ways that this modular sweater has been knit. I think Elizabeth must be looking down upon us and thinking “What a joy to see such creativity from my simple design.” Many different edges have been used to finish the garment…Elizabeth’s vision was I-cord…and I used that on Carson’s sweater. I then crocheted loops for the buttonholes and added the buttons on the opposite front. I even made an effort to have the buttons on the “man’s side”. Mothers tell me if this helpful or an annoyance. Some of the other choices for bands that I saw were: garter band with button holes, zipper, a rufffled edge, a crocheted edge…and as always the possibilities are endless. My choice for Carson had to do with wanting to work an I-cord edge for this garment….and then I fussed about the edging for the button holes. I knit this sweater jacket in Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece trimmed with Brown Sheep’s Superwash Lamb’s Pride…..both of these being two of my favorite yarns.

Tomten Sweater Jacket - the buttons!

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