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This lovely design, the knit-round scarf, by Sally Melville in her Knit Book has become a classic in the Skein Lane knitting community. Sally says in her book that the design was inspired  by a yoke collar that she admired.

I have three of these wonderful knit-round scarves which was affectionately named “The Donut” by the wonderful Sandy Lee who use to work and knit at the Skein Lane retail shop. Recently, several more of the round scarf-shawls have been created. Helen has knit several and

Helen - in her Round Shawl knit with Noro Silk Garden

Trish - Round Shawl knit with Kathmandu and a novelty yarn

Trish, a newbie knitter,  has just finished her first one.

Marsha - her Round Shawl knit in Kathmandu and MaggiKnits Mohair Loop

Marsha is knitting yet one more as is Diane….she is also using Queensland Collection Kathmandu with a ribbon yarn and beads. Photos coming soon.

I am sure there are more of you out there being creative with yarn choices for this wonderfully simple yet elegant design.

While my three are winter shawls…I do see one in the future that is knit with MaggiKnits linen….which would be a wonderful wear for this Bay Area summer climate. 

This quick and simple design requires about 350 yards of worsted weight yarn. It is all knit…knit in the round thus creating circular stockinette or reverse stockinette…whichever look you prefer.

Knit in a Noro discontinued yarn - one of my favorites to wear!

The Round Shawl knit in Trendsetter's Dune

The Round Shawl knit in Noro's Silk Garden

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Has it really been five weeks since my last post? What’s been going on here? Well, I was gone for a week over the July 4th weekend for a family reunion in eastern Colorado…and it was one of my best trips re: seeing cousins, aunts, uncles, and long-time friends.

The “knitting marathon” began before my travels. I embarked on an Abfab (Absolutely Fabulous) Collinette Afghan for Bill’s granddaughter’s wedding present and was more than half-way done before I boarded the airplane for Denver. I was able to knit on the plane both going and coming. So…that was just fine, but no knitting while on the ground…too hot and many local travels to divert me. For the week before the wedding, which was the 11th, I knit feverishly and would have made my marathon deadline except I made a mistake on the Friday night before which required unknitting. This afghan had mohair and the only easy way to undo is to literally unknit. Ugh! Thus, it was on Saturday afternoon (after knitting workshop)  that then I cancelled all social engagements and knit to within 5 rows and 1 hour of being done by 3pm on Sunday afternoon (the wedding was 5pm)…of course, the ends from the 7 color joins needed to be woven in.

Now I realize that there is a grace period for giving wedding gifts – some say a year – but this was Bill’s granddaugther and I wanted this finished in time. I almost made it! All that knitting didn’t bother my fingers at all….it was my back from sitting in the same position for almost a whole weekend.

The afghan is now packaged (with care instructions) in one of the decorative storage boxes and is ready for delivery when the couple returns from their honeymoon.

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