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Maurie and the Rose Heart Afghan

Maurie is one of several Skein Lane knitters who have knit a heart design afghan inspired by the Fiber Trend Pattern CH-24. She started with a rose colored Cotton Fleece that she recently finished. She has now embarked on a blue heart afghan inspired by the Fiber Trend Pattern (CH-24)…she decided to do a garter stitch blanket embellished on the edges with hearts. She just cracked us up this morning with her description of her two-year journey to knit the rose-colored afghan…..”with the first blanket I marched through the knitting wilderness as I mastered that pattern.”

The Rose Heart Afghan

The pattern is simply one that requires a little time to get “married” to rhythm of it….Maure was going through lots of changes when she started this blanket…and kudos to her for sticking with mastering the pattern. The blanket is beautiful and I’m delighted that she is inspired to do a modified version. Go Maurie!

Heart Afghan inspired by "Rose Heart" Afghan

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I’m beginning realize that the knitters in the Skein Lane knitting workshops are knitting faster than I can post. At tonight’s, Thursday knitting workshop, there were several beauties. To share a few of them – Phyllis was just finishing up a caplet for her daughter, Laura showed two intarsia hats, Debbie showed a cable sweater in progress, Diane showed her blanket/afghan, Jean is working on an eggplant hat for a neighbor child, Linda is working on a sweater vest for her son…..and I am now 36 rows away from being done with my afghan – the heat got in the way.

Fire Captain Terry also showed her latest and we were able to capture that on camera.

Two items – sweater sleeves and socks


Notice the sock laying on one of sleeves…it is a self-striping watermelon design from knitpurlgirl.com

The sleeves are for the sweater Lava designed by  Jane Slicer-Smith and featured in  Swing Swagger Drape.  A knitting tip here: remember gauge is all important. Terry chose four brilliant colors of a lovely yarn. Tonight she mentioned that the sleeves were too long.
Note: the rows to the inch is critical to this pattern with its different intarsia depths. The gauge of the yarn that Terry had chosen did not match the yarn called for. She needed 7.25 rows to the inch and she was getting 6.9 or so. One might ask, “What’s the big deal?” This difference in row length for an intarsia design caused the sweater to be at least 2 inches longer than it should have been. Well….Terry is the ever adventuresome knitter…and she says no problem, I will select a new yarn. Stay tuned for what her sleeves look like next week…she will be using Cascade 220 for this design.

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There are two stories here about Jan…..the first about the shawl…and the second about her recent weekend away with her husband of 40 years.

The Shawl

The Shawl – Jan and I worked for Skein Lane Studio in the MaggiKnits booth at Stitches West 2009. While we loved what we were selling in the MaggiKnits booth, we were both taken with a shawl that we saw featured across the aisle in a fellow retailer’s booth. On that Saturday I “marched” right over, said that I wanted it, asked that  it be put aside and stated I would pick it up Sunday. Note….Jan and I often have similiar tastes in style and color. She “marched” right over on Saturday and purchased the shawl kit. Imagine my surprise when I went over on Sunday and was told that I had already picked it up!! Little did Jan and I know that only one kit of that color choice was available when we went shopping. She went home with the “Wrap Me Up” by Knitting At Noon kit and mine went on special order. Now it took a while for mine to come, but that was okay as I have been on this knitting marathon for gift afghans… weddings, thank-yous, babies, and graduations. I now am almost ready to start. Jan was the trailblazer on this…I get to follow in her wake! Be sure to zoom in on the photo of Jan’s shawl to see the yarn color (Paintbox from K1C2) and the stitch detail.

Recent weekend away – Some photos of Jan and Steve’s 40th anniversary…a weekend away to Carmel. Jan is such a good and funny writer that I felt compelled to copy her words verbatim. Love and congratulations to Jan and Steve. Enjoy!

Steve and Jan - 40 years!

the photos….the first is our 40th anniversary “portrait” on the Big Day (yesterday – Sunday the 22nd) and the second a favorite photo from Point Lobos where we went on Saturday.  Our fellow guests at the inn were all agog at the forty years.  We smiled and replied that inertia is a powerful force not to be underestimated.  One must be really, really, really miserable to go through a divorce.  That, or delusional about one’s sex appeal to the hot bodies out there who are young enough to be one’s children…

As only Jan could deliver!!

Pt Lobos on the rocks!

The beauty of it all!Pt Lobos

Pt Lobos

detail of rocks, cove walls at Pt Lobos

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The Feather and Fan Afghan

I’m way too excited about this project….fun to knit…love the colors coming together…and love that relatives have had a preview….they like it.

Should be done this week…38 rows to go and then a couple hours weaving in those color changes.

Stay tuned for upcoming “Knit your stash into an afghan” workshop. It will be fun to put all the colors together.

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Oh…..the battery won’t stay in and the power button won’t work….oh when did the camera get dropped??!!!

Off to Staples in the morning (where I bought it….but think the service/warranty contract is over!) Ugh!

How did we get along without digital cameras! Luckily I have a bunch of photos waiting to be posted…so stay tuned!

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Shrug it!

A couple of us, Janie and Trish,  have been inspired by Susanne’s shrug featured in a previous post. Notice the lovely purple shawl pin that Janie has used for a closure for her shrug…a beautiful enhancement. I am now inspired by all three of these shrugs knit by Skein Lane “workshoppers”. What should I pull from my stash? Stay tuned!

Janie tells us that she used the following yarns for her shrug : “For the outer ORANGE color I used RY Classic Yarns, made in Italy, 100% cotton, #Z118000.   For the back GOLD color I used Cotton Classic, 100% Mercerised Cotton, made in Greece, Tahki, Stacy Charles Inc., #3353”. Thanks Janie for this info.

And now words from Trish – “My yarn was Crystal Palace Panda Silk in Feldspar.  It’s DK light worsted, 52% bamboo, 43% merino wool and 5% combed silk.  Kimberly helped me shop for it.”

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As always…lots to share…and it often feels like so little time…the fingers are busy knitting!

Some of you may recall that it’s been several years since my dad died…and thus several years since I gave Avril, my cousin’s wife, a gift of Collinette yarn for the help that she and Del gave me to during Dad’s illness. While I was flying to Denver recently, knitting the afghan for the recent wedding gift for Bill’s granddaughter, I thought about what I could do for Avril and Del this time. I was going to be their house guest for a week….and they are without a doubt the most generous hosts as well as such good friends. What I could do that would be thankful? I remembered the yarn and wondered whether Avril had knit the sweater that had been featured in Vogue magazine. When I arrived and we were waiting for my luggage, I brooched the topic…”Ive had an ephinany! If you haven’t knit that sweater yet I would like to knit it for you or knit an afghan. No need to answer me now…think about if for a couple days and let me know.”  Well, a few days went by and it was the night before leaving Limon tor the Denver airport to head back to Oakland….so…”Avril have you thought about the yarn?” She had and decided that she would like to have an afghan.

And that fits with another goal – as some of you know niece Betsy graduated from high school recently and she is headed off to Fresno State in just a couple more weeks. Her gift for this milestone in her life…you guessed it – an afghan! And yet another feather and fan pattern. This one is a kit from Universal Yarns….and while I love the choice of fiber I am already making changes to this pattern. The pattern calls for changing colors every 2 rows, but I am not liking the fussiness of the yarn joins for every two rows…I am changing the color changes to every four rows…much like the AbFab Kit. The first 3 inches has color change happening every two rows…but I am not inclined to take this out so it is now a design feature to be repeated at the end of the afghan.

Knitting moral….be inspired by a pattern but not “married” to it!

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