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Terry and her Feather and Fan Afghan

Does Fire Captain Terry ever sleep?? Her needles have been clicking away and her Feather and Fan Afghan has almost doubled in size since our last post. She was only stopped briefly this past Saturday….she needed more yarn and she wanted to share her afghan.

For those of you wondering what to do with those odd balls of yarn….this might just be the answer.
I’m about half done weaving in their yarns on my gift afghan….and yeah because I am eager to get it in the mail.
Check back for more photos of afghans, a view of projects from last Saturday workshop, and the Prayer Shawl gift to Carol.

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Terry's Feather and Fan Afghan

Well….we kicked the knitalong off with showing my afghan which is almost done…I still have to weave in the threads from the color joins. Terry, Marsha, and Diane picked out their colors from Skein Lane Studio to complete their stash for their Feather and Fan Afghan. Progress since Saturday is all over the map!

Diane picked up her chosen yarn on Tuesday…reviewed the instructions w/worksheet and she is off getting her colors in order. (She had to go out of town for a few days so her afghan probably won’t get a start until the next week or so.)

Marsha has most likely started hers…and then she’s off traveling for a bit.

Terry got “possessed” and she just sent a photo of her work today…my response, “OMG, it’s beautiful!” We can all be inspired to put colors together to create our own unique hand-crafted product. Here’s what Terry had to say when I asked if I could post her work in progress….

You bet. I got a little too far to follow the design in the pattern so I made my own. It’s the rebel in me!  T”

 Note: check out this slide show which includes several Feather and Fan Afghans.

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New and returning knitalongs and classes are back…short notice here but tomorrow at noon we will embark upon the first of our two endeavors. !

  • Create your Feather and Fan Afghan from your stash and new yarns…a chance to experiement in colors.  Join us from noon – 2pm
  • Socks from the top-down….learn the basics as well as customization. Join us at 2 for the first of 3 sessions for this class

Class/knitalong details will be on the website later today.

And be sure to check out the first stages of our online shopping

Best and knit on!

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A Special Project

I write this prematurely knowing that the receipient of the gift on the knitting needles won’t read this post…she is not computer connected. About 3 weeks ago we learned that Carol’s daughter died in childbirth…as did the baby. We have been grieving for her and her loss….and one of the knitting group came up with the idea of a knitted gift that she could wrap around and snuggle away from the world. So….there are 10 or so knitters working on this special project…we began last Saturday….and I think we’ll be done by next Saturday. Amazing what a group of knitters can accomplish. For now….I will say no more…just in case there is some magic that would Carol to a computer…don’t think so…but just in case! The photos and the story behind the “knit” will surface in the next few days.

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