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This morning I “found” some close-ups of the twirly skirts that were taken just before popping in the mail. I was inspired to “paint” with yarn on this stockinette design knit with Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece….great fun to add more color with each skirt being unique for each unique niece.

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Tic-tock…that’s the beat that has been playing in my head since December…I’ll post soon – tic-tock it’s Christmas…tic-tock it’s New Year’s….tic-tock it’s Valentine’s Day…tic-tock it’s Ground Hog’s Day….tic-tock it’s St Patrick’s Day….tic-tock Easter is almost here!

So where has Skein Lane Studio been? Personally, I fell into the family history hole…in my other life I am a family historian. I was contacted before Christmas by Michelle – another  great-granddaughter of Kate. She was seeking information about her great-grandmother….her name being Kate. The very short version is that my maternal grandmother Elizabeth never knew her mother. For reasons that weren’t clear for years and still aren’t so clear, we – the family,  knew that my grandmother was born in England and her mother’s name was Ellen Kate. We didn’t know why her Austrian father took her and her brother from England to this country. I have been interested in this story since I was a young child 8 years old when I first heard the story. I have learned so much since then….it’s been a wonderful journey. I have created a blog that is all about Kate and her story.

The Four

In the meantime I’ve been knitting like crazy….as have so many of the Skein Lane Studio knitting workshop knitters. Where to begin?! For today I will share the photos of the twirly skirts….inspired by Skein Lane knitting workshopper Janie’s twirly skirt knit …. that I made for my sister’s three  girls…great fun knitting and great rewards when I heard their response. I knit these skirts with Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece….one of my favorite yarns. My niece Honara told me that the sweater that I knit (in Brown Sheep) for her 1st son was one her favorites and it lasted through two sons!

Tomorrow I will begin sharing the photos of so many wonderful knitting projects from our wonderful knitters…I will also post the upcoming classes.

Okay….we’re back!  Knit on as Elizabeth Zimmerman would say!

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