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An Irish Blessing

This morning in church I found  I was obsessed with multi-tasking…listening to the homily  and analyzing a  sweater design worn by another parishioner. A few minutes later this parishioner came to me with a gift…Linda whispered, “I’ve just returned from Ireland and Sister Margaret has sent you this gift.”  The gift – a fridge magnet with an old Irish blessing.

May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold.

And at the end of all of your rainbows may you find a pot gold.

I was moved almost to tears. Sister Margaret was a customer of Skein Lane before the retail store closed. When she retired from St Jerome’s in El Cerrito  a couple of years ago I gave her a gift of yarn to take with her journey back to her homeland of Ireland.  What a thoughtful gift….thank you Sister Margaret.

Linda in her beautiful Irish knit sweater.

Another thank you – to Linda for bringing the gift to me and then for letting me oogle her sweater. She purchased this beautiful Aran knit while in Ireland. She mentioned Quills – the source of good Irish-knit Aran sweaters. The sweater is a lovely blue with the body of the sweater knit from bottom to armhole and then attached to a knitted piece for bodice (a cable design going in an opposite direction from the body. I see an Aran Sweater design class coming up in the fall.

Speaking of sweater design….a new class started yesterday…and it’s so exciting. Each partcipant is designing their own sweater specific to their own body measurements. Some of us are creating our own pattern…while others are learning to use their pattern as a road map on the way to customizing for their body measurements. We are ambitious in this group and I think we will be showing you results of our efforts very soon.

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