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Happy New Year!

Some of our Friday knitters...sending their cheer!

Some of the Skein Lane Workshop knitters gathered Friday and Saturday mornings to share the Christmas week and to greet the new year! Sarah donned her Santa hat for us.

Sarah in her knit Santa hat!

They and I send their best cheer to all. Watch for more of us to gather in the New Year to share our knitting and tales….and to send cheers to all! The knitting journey continues!

I am grateful for all the friendships that have come together through our knitting…and grateful for the wonderful sharing and creating of beautiful garments. We have much to share. It indeed is a treasure!

Some of our Saturday Knitters

Some of our Saturday Knitters

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On Christmas Eve thirty-five of us gathered at the home of my niece’s brother-in-law Bill and his family. As often happens when it was time to gather at the two tables for our sit-down meal we grouped in usual family groups….our immediate group was niece Honara and husband Scott with two of their children….Betsy and Daniel; Scott’s parents Pat and Don; Scott’s sister Stephanie and husband Kevin with their two adult boys…Kyle and Kris. We dined, we wined and we talked. We got to hear about Kyle’s work and training  in the investment world of New York and delighted in the news that he is moving to San Francisco soon….Kris talked to us both in Russian and English about his 6 months of schooling in St Petersburg….Daniel shared his plans for college applications….and Betsy talked about some of her experiences at Fresno State.

Then we moved on to the big stuff….”tats” as we hear it said. Betsy is telling us about wanting a tattoo….we are all trying to convince her not to…but if she does be discreet! Just a few days ago she added a jewel to her nose….I must say it is discreet and attractive. We are all giving Bets lots of advice and then the conversation takes a turn….Kevin is really laughing as he says, “Why Carolyn I would have thought you would have a tat of knitting needles right over your heart!” We were off the chair laughing!

..hmmmm, should I?

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