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My family of nieces and nephews spans several years….as many families do. My 1st generation nieces and nephews ( eight of them) range in age from 45 to almost 2….yep, two families here! The 2nd generation (five of them) range in age from 19 to 13. This post is about one of my 1st generation nieces….Jade who recently celebrated her 8th birthday .

Jade Feb 2012 - A star!

Jade, her sisters, and their father visited me from Idaho last summer. Just have to say the girls were wearing their twirly skirts upon arrival. They were charming….no bias on my part….. and demurely shy about expressing their wants and likes, etc…..but they warmed up and did. Jade saw a felted hat that I had hanging by the front door mirror…she loved it. Guess what she got for her birthday last week? (I kept my hat but she got one like it!)

The truth of the matter is that I actually did not knit or felt this one…..Helen of our Skein Lane knitting circle knit and felted the one that I have (Noro Yarn). She heard my story about how much Jade loved my hat…and Helen being such a generous person knit and felted one before I knew what “hit”. It was for Jade…I saved it for her birthday. (Helen and I did a little barter…class for hat kind of thing).

Isn’t my niece full of wonderful drama? I love her spirit!

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