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Not only did I get a phone call today from my “grand” nephew Daniel about his decision to accept the invitation to attend Cornell College in Iowa (he applied to four schools and got accepted to all four), he sent me the following message.

Hey Auntie Carolyn,
I hope this is your email. If not then I guess I will catch up with you around Easter instead.
I was just thinking with my mom and I think it would be great to have some Cornell colored gear when I’m there. I don’t know how much is on your plate right now but i think it would be awesome to have some nice knitted scarves or a beanie that were the cornell colors. The colors are black purple and white. This would be a perfect graduation gift from you and I would be so appreciative of you if you did this for me. I understand if you are too busy to do this right now as well.
Thank you for all of your support,
With Love,

Dan and me - Christmas 2010

Now I bet you know this young man is going to get his wish…I told I had been thinking about a blanket for his high school graduation…but whatever he wants is fine with me. We will decide at Easter. My needles are clicking overtime to finish up his sister’s slippers, to complete a newly started  project for a upcoming Skein Lane knitalong, and to embark on this knitting journey for Daniel. I am quite proud that he has been single-minded about pursing his love of music and that is his pursuit in college.

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