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Carolyn v2A whole week plus has passed since I completed the O’Dolan Wrap (design by MaggiKnits). I did show/model the garment with Skein Lane knitting groups but I had to get over shell shock from this photo that truly showed that I need to hit the road for more exercise before I shared the joy. I’ve adjusted…and now I share the joy with all of you!

This was a fun knit and completed relatively quick. From the moment I put it on, I knew that this is a garment that I will wear a lot. It not only fits perfectly but it feels good on the body! I am really excited about this!

Note that I have knit this wonderful design with my own trademark stamp…I rarely knit a pattern exactly as presented. So…what did I do differently? The pattern calls for the striped area to be tartan design which means the knitted stripes would be intersected with embroidered stripes. I dress simply to say the least…and the tartan (while beautiful) was too much for me. I made yet one more change…the collar called for a loop knit stitch design…beautiful and yet another feature too much for me. I changed the collar to seed stitch that matches the bottom edges. I love my rendition of Maggi’s vision.

I have photos to share here about the progress points in this project as well as Debbie’s progress in her project. She is knitting the O’Dolan Wrap in the colorway of Red/Black and she is following the pattern design. She will look lovely in the original design.

Debbie's 1st 3 pieces.

Debbie’s 1st 3 pieces.

The layout of this work in process...and my trusty iPad

The layout of this work in process…and my trusty iPad

Notice my iPad in one of the photos. As many of you have already discovered for yourselves, I have found the iPad to be such an invaluable tool. I have patterns, books, patterns, and more books at my immediate view. I am now building my own personal library in iBooks.

If you would like to knit this design it retails for $119 at Skein Lane. I haven’t listed it on the online store yet…for now you can contact Skein Lane directly at skeinlane@aol.com.


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