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I am working backwards on catching up with posts…this morning’s post was about today’s celebration. Now let’s talk about Friday’s celebration.

My latest braceletFirst….it was Debra’s birthday! Champagne was poured as Debra gave us gifts…remember I just said it was her birthday…..she gifted us with bracelets that she brought home from trip to Peru…Debra did I get the country right? It was great to see Debra and toast her birthday. I love my bracelet! We all quickly dived into the bracelets to pick the colors that we love.

A second toast (more champagne) was to Sheri….she is embarking upon a new business. Plans are underway and as soon the name is “nailed down” we will do a shout out here.

Other things to celebrate….Patricia returned from her trip to Africa. We were so animated on so many topics this morning that we didn’t all share in her travel experience. She will be back from Colorado in a week or two and she will be first on to tell us more about the trip. She sent out the most wonderful photos. Looking forward to the rest of the story!

We also rejoiced that Bonnie was back with us…..much going on with home construction and family life and she had to be gone for a bit…she’s back and we are all happy.

We did manage to get some knitting done during our two hours together. We are often asked, “What is so interesting about your knitting sessions?” Well, we knit, share our techniques and then we “travel” over the world. The week before Kimberly told us about her trip to Seneca Falls….more specifically about the Freethought Trail. I do believe we could have our own “teaching/learning” circuit. We all walk away from our knitting with more than our love of knitting!

Stay tuned for more back tracking for the summer and a look into some of our knitting projects.

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It’s the last day of August….ending with two celebrations…Friday was all about Debra and Sheri…and Patricia….and more! Will chatter about that later today.

Saturday morning photos are “hot off the press”. We celebrated retirements and farewells with a potluck brunch….out came my Grandma’s party glass plates to eat some of our favorite foods. Susanne has retired from Chevron and is moving  with her husband to Chico…..we may get to see her once a month. She proudly announced that she has finished the queen size Mason Dixon adult version of Moderne Blanket…in fact it is now on her son and wife’s bed. This was a 2-year project of many roads of garter stitch. Remember the “99 rows to go”? They’re gone!!

They will be greatly missed…..so glad they have been part of our circle for years. Betsy, who worked at Skein Lane retail once upon a time, had been gone and returned and is now off to Kentucky. Susanne came into Skein Lane retail store 10 years ago. It’s been a wonderful 10-yr journey together. Now a new chapter begins!

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