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Good morning!

Just in case you didn’t see last night’s announcement, Skein Lane Studio now has a “store” on Etsy. The first offerings are some knit kits from MaggiKnits. Check it out!

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Textiles at Monticello



This quick glimpse into life on Mulberry Row at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, shows that the art of craft has been with us throughout history and all walks of life. As with all new experiences….particularly history I find myself wanting to learn more. Now the search is on for period pieces of handwork made on Mulberry Row.

It was said that Mulberry Row was one of major commerce….textiles, produce, meats, blacksmithing, leather making, nail making……folks came from the surrounding valleys.



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A wedding in our midst

The Finished Shrug

The Finished Shrug

This message was posted on Facebook by longtime Skein Lane customer and  friend Alice Varga. Her daughter was married this past weekend.

“O, yesterday was truly the best day ever with Kristina Kenney and Jason Holt getting married. There was just so much love in that room! It was incredible and a fantastic way for them to begin their journey through life with such a wonderful commitment with family and friends to share their joy!  Their ceremony and vows were beautiful!”

Alice and I met a couple times this past summer to consult over the sweater/shrug design she and her daughter chose for Alice to knit for this happy event.

Alice and I met on August 24....she came to me with pattern, vision, and measurements.  With the following information....the knitting journey began. 
  • Bust = 44.5 
  • Lower edge = 40 
  • Armhole to waist = 6 
  • Stitch pattern = 12 + 1 
  • Gauge = 5 
  • CO 108 +1 

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Well….we did knit for a bit. Tonight was scattered…many of us were traveling or had other commitments. One of us, Marsha, had a commitment  to hear Robert Hanna, the great, great grandson of John Muir, speak at REI.  Along with my knitting I joined Marsha for the presentation. I knit but only until the lights went out…I was on a design row and I couldn’t proceed without the lights. The truth of the matter is that the speaker and his presentation were so great that he captivated his audience of 50 people or so for an hour and a half. We “traveled” through John Muir’s biographical timeline. It was meaningful from a historical perspective as well learning more about his love of Yosemite and the outdoors. I was one of those who did not know about his very creative mind for invention in his early years.  And John Muir walked many miles in his youth. Did you know that he walked through Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Canada on one walk? Another one of his walks took him from Wisconsin to Florida traveling though country that been wounded by the Civil War. When he arrived in San Francisco in 1868 he was over come with the density of population and immediately asked for directions to Yosemite. Along the way – he walked – he worked at ranches.

As a family historian of my family, I so enjoyed the family history style presentation…..photos through the generations and the life works of John Muir. I can hardly believe I’ve lived all these years in the Bay Area and have not seen the historic Muir Mansion in Martinez. Guess what I will be doing soon?

Many thanks to Marsha for mentioning her plans for the evening. Now I need to make those needles click. I realized a couple of days ago how long my purple poncho/shawl has been on the needles!

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Mom's 1954 Singer

Mom’s 1954 Singer

My hometown friend Don Churches just posted photos of the Singer Castle. Be sure to check out this album for an “armchair” historical tour . Who knew there was such a castle? I think my Singer (Mom’s 1954 Singer) looks like it’s part of this collection. Have to say Mom’s singer has performed for us all of these years….it was the machine I used when I first learned to sew….and still use from time to time.

Who still sews? Anybody want to share some of their accomplishments? We knit, we sew, we craft, we bead, we make glass…and that’s just a sampling of the creative talent that abounds.

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A few weeks ago Jan and Rachelle both brought their latest creations to share…….infused glass work.

Just a few minutes later Jan arrived with her beautifully crafted infused glass jewelry….bracelet and necklace. We were all in awe.

Jan introduced us to her glass creativity abilities last August when she showed one of her first pieces made in her class at Bulleyes Glass Co. She has made several since….I fear my camera didn’t capture many….darn it! The last of today’s show and tell belongs to Rachelle. I saw this while helping pack moving boxes. It was a recent creation!

They knit too!

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