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BarbaraScottAward[1]It is with great sadness that I share that our knitting friend Jean let me know that her dear life-long friend Barbara, master knitter, passed away this past Monday. Her bright, enthusiastic spirit stayed strong  during the last few months of major illness. You may recall that I’ve mentioned Barbara a few times here on this blog. You can read more about her on this blog post celebrating her years with Knitters Guild of America (TKGA).

Jean shared this from Barbara’s husband, Bob.  He  said, ” I am pretty sure there are a large number of knitters in heaven who needed help and will be greeting her with open arms.”  He could be right!

Barbara will be missed by many. She touched many lives.

Debby from TKGA has graciously shared these lovely photos of Barbara as well as some lovely thoughts and news about a Memoriam.

“It is sad to think that she is gone. She was an invaluable supporter of The Knitting Guild Association, one of our first members and always involved in ways to help other knitters perfect their skills. TKGA recognized Barbara at our Conference in 2007 and awarded her an Honorary Lifetime membership at that time. That is what you see in one of the photos I’ve attached. The other photo is from the TKGA 25th Anniversary in 2010 when she was introduced again for her long-time involvement in the organization. Cast On magazine is carrying a Memoriam in our upcoming Summer issue. Her name has also been added to the TKGA Memorial Remembrance Page online where contributions are already being made in her name to benefit knitting education – something that was dear to her heart.

I have known Barbara for a long time, having worked with her on many projects for TKGA, and I will miss her!”


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