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It was another knitting gathering of celebration of three birthdays….Patricia, Sheri and Karen. We also celebrated (show & tell)  our recent additions to our stashes….some from Madrona and some from Stitches West. I personally said I wasn’t going to purchase a thing….that was before the three new projects and one book became mine. More about that in next post.

We also celebrated Jean’s recent finished project….you can see her “show & tell” photo below.

Sheri gave a review of her Knitting Ergonomics Class at Madrona….great knitting tips to keep us healthy (free from pain in wrists, arms, backs, etc) as we knit. One that really stands out for me is …. knit for no more than 20 mins; then give yourself a break. Move those hands, wrists and arms around. Think the tips work for iPad and computer use as well. I find myself bent over both for way too long when I am not knitting.

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Stitches West 2015 is almost here….February 20-21 at Santa Clara Convention. Several of us in the Skein Lane community are fans of her designs and her yarns. The ornate designs are Maggi’s creations and the others are designs knit with some of  Maggi’s yarns. I will be working in her booth again this year….come see us in booth 513.

p.s. Maggi’s yarns are also available at Skein Lane Studio online store.


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With Terry’s recent completion of her some 10 “heart” aghans/blankets, it seems the right weekend to share some of the creativity. These have all been inspired by Fiber Trend Pattern (CH-24), and I have hardly begun to capture how many I’ve seen completed in the Skein Lane knitting community. Think it’s probably time to thank Fiber Trends for this wonderful pattern.

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Last weekend I saw an idea for Valentine’s gifts for my three nieces and nephew in Idaho.  The next day (Sunday) I am in local fabric shop buying red felt for these Valentine themed bookmarks. The bookmarks were assembled by Sunday night with the exception of the ribbon and buttons (to weight the book mark). It was then a simple matter of sewing the button to the ribbon which I did on Wednesday night….don’t want to rush into these things. Haha! I packaged these Thursday morning…drove to Safeway early (@ 6:45 am on my way to work) to add Barnes and Noble gift cards (my late night idea)..mailed Priority Package. Should be in Idaho today.



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I have been dreaming/thinking about photo transfers onto fabric for awhile. Recently I had a “vision”….Kimberly’s dogs on a pillow.

This photo transfer process is so much easier than I imagined. One simply needs to print “your” images onto Fabric Sheets for Ink Jet Printers. (There are several suppliers…just google.) Here are the steps that I took.

  • Trolled through Kimberly’s FB photos and found several…..the great news is that Kimberly loved them all and three of those chosen were her very favorites.
  • Created a collage of six photos…..then printed that collage onto the fabric sheet. In hind sight I realize I didn’t want to see as much white background. The pillow cover was already assembled when I had the thought of larger photos framed in ribbon before adding the fabric quilt type pieces. My solution to the white was to sew lace flowers around the photos. Even though labor intensive (each one sewn on individually) Kimberly loved the look as did I.
  • Framed the photos with fabric in quilt style to a finished size of 18″x18″.
  • Chose the closure of the pillow to be an envelope style. This style made for easy pillow insertion.

Kimberly saw the project at the beginning stages….photo with fabric lined up by printed photos….but she was wonderfully surprised and pleased when she saw finished result. It was really a fun project!

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Another birthday ….. another round of celebrations and sharing. This week it was Bonnie from FMKG (Friday  Morning Knitting Group). The knitting table was full not only with chairs filled but with wonderful friendship. At one point there were more than a couple folks singing a camp song from their youth camp days.

Jan arrived looking stunning in her lovely knit shawl. Here are the details from Jan. “The shawl pattern is “Irish Moss” from Verybusymonkey.  And the yarn is Blue Moon Marine Silk (fingering weight) – 51% silk, 29% merino, and 20 % sea cell rayon.  The color is Sky Blue Pink.  487 yds per skein and one skein should have been sufficient but wasn’t.  Fortunately the pattern includes a shortened version and I was glad of that anyway since it would have been too long in the back otherwise. Verybusymonkey patterns are all beautiful, but they also are designed to curve around your shoulders, making them stay put a little better than other shawls.”

I did manage to whip out the iPhone for a few photos…but still way below my norm. Happy Birthday to Bonnie!

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The Windsor Shawl

Recently Karen H came to knitting wearing her latest project off the needles….the Windsor Shawl. Karen always works diligently on completing the wonderful projects that she purchases at Stitches West (coming up again in a couple weeks). This time is no exception. I believe the Windsor Shawl (you can see Maggi on video showing more colorways) was of the most popular kits at Maggi’s booth last year. Can hardly wait to what Maggie has new for this year.

As for Karen….she will have a new showing very soon. Stay tuned.

p.s. I will be working at Maggi’s booth again this year….more news coming.

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Sarah - the birthday girl!

Sarah – the birthday girl!

Last week….Jan 30 to be exact…we (the Friday morning knit group aka FMKG) celebrated Sarah’s birthday. I always take photos and somehow I lost the plot on this celebration….so the good news is that Sarah hasn’t “aged” a year when I share a joint birthday celebration from last year.

This past Friday’s celebration was lovely…champagne accompanied with strawberries and toasted almonds, gifts, and most importantly – friendship. Yep….we did find some time to knit. I saw that Sarah was working on a project that had a sheep theme. Many of us share a similar love of sheep…the main source of our yarn.

Happy Birthday again to Sarah!

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