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I have been dreaming/thinking about photo transfers onto fabric for awhile. Recently I had a “vision”….Kimberly’s dogs on a pillow.

This photo transfer process is so much easier than I imagined. One simply needs to print “your” images onto Fabric Sheets for Ink Jet Printers. (There are several suppliers…just google.) Here are the steps that I took.

  • Trolled through Kimberly’s FB photos and found several…..the great news is that Kimberly loved them all and three of those chosen were her very favorites.
  • Created a collage of six photos…..then printed that collage onto the fabric sheet. In hind sight I realize I didn’t want to see as much white background. The pillow cover was already assembled when I had the thought of larger photos framed in ribbon before adding the fabric quilt type pieces. My solution to the white was to sew lace flowers around the photos. Even though labor intensive (each one sewn on individually) Kimberly loved the look as did I.
  • Framed the photos with fabric in quilt style to a finished size of 18″x18″.
  • Chose the closure of the pillow to be an envelope style. This style made for easy pillow insertion.

Kimberly saw the project at the beginning stages….photo with fabric lined up by printed photos….but she was wonderfully surprised and pleased when she saw finished result. It was really a fun project!

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Memory:  When I unpack this little German Christmas candle treasure every year it takes me back to my early days of living in my first apartment. It was in the building across the street from Safeway on Solano Ave in Albany, CA. I flash back to great times spent with my neighbor Sue …. we were always crafting something. It was during this same time that my nieces spent a lot time with me.


New memory: Our Friday morning knitters continue to celebrate and then some. Rachelle brought us homemade breads (one was a gluten-free banana bread)with the freshest of butter. You could find cards crafted by Kimberly (check out her Etsy store), jewelry in the works by Rachell and Sheri, as well as the sound of laughter and chatter while the needles were clicking! Sheri was wearing her stunning All the Shades of Truth scarf and Karen K was back with us. You might guess we met the newest addition to Jean and Bob’s family. Quincy came home to them a couple weeks ago….all because Jean saw Debra, Quincy’s foster mom, at the recent jewelry show hosted here. Quincy had a date to meet and indeed he did. As we nearing the end of our time together, we were treated by Patricia to jelly beans (all blues) from the Jelly Factory!

p.s……someone, named Jean, not only left my Lucy dog with Christmas treats but left me a wonderful Christmas CD….you can glimpse the title in the photos. Many thanks Secret Santa Jean. xo

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