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Three years later: Dorothy just celebrated her 103rd birthday today with some of her family in her home where she has lived for as long as I have known her….which is now like forever. We met when I was 11 or 12 yrs old…..depending whether you count church or when I became one of her students in Jr High School.  Her family is planning a larger birthday celebration for this coming Sunday, January 17. Happy Birthday to Dorothy!

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Invitation to celebrate Dorothy's 100th birthday! Invitation to celebrate Dorothy’s 100th birthday!

Dorothy Cross Smith Brown is celebrating her 100th birthday today.

I spoke with her a couple of days before Christmas as I chose not to attend because we have family illness here in the Bay Area of California. So many of my school friends and family will be there. Dorothy said, ” I understand. Come in the spring and spend a weekend with me.” I will.

I love and admire Dorothy!

Dorothy Smith - photo from early 60's yearbook. Dorothy Smith – photo from early 60’s yearbook.

Who is Dorothy? In the spring of my 12th year my family (parents, sister and I)  moved to my dad’s hometown – Stratton, CO. It soon became one of my home towns….I have three – Stratton, CO; The Bay Area of Northern California and Geelong, Australia. I met Dorothy at church but it was  later in the fall when I actually turned 12…

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