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My recent retirement from my UC day-time admin job of nearly 8 years has been such a blessing. While I’ve never really left the knitting community, I am now diving back into it and the wonderful community that is part of me.

Some of you may not know that before my Skein Lane retail chapter, I was an employee of the YMCA for about 18 months and went onto become a Board Member after I accepted a position in the software industry……most importantly I was an active user of the YMCA programs….in particular exercise. I stepped away from this wonderful resource about 10 years ago for a variety of reasons…..mostly my schedule and illnesses in my family.

One of my first missions upon retirement was to get back into a regular exercise program. I walked into the Albany YMCA….immediately reconnected with Gail, the Director, and Mary, Exercise and Program Instructor. I was back home! I’ve been enjoying Mary’s creative exercise classes since mid-January. Not only do I feel better but I have lost some weight…yeah! There is another most wonderful benefit….reconnecting not only with Y folks but knitters who are in the Y community.

I quickly learned about the (free) Brown Bag Speakers Forum, presented on the 2nd Monday of every month sponsored by the “Y” and Albany Library.. This month’s speaker was Lawrence Rinder, Director of BAMPFA (UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive). His presentation was so informative about the history of BAMPFA leading up to its new location.

2-barbaraLast month’s Brown Bag speaker was Barbara Hazard.….a former Skein Lane customer who spoke about her art work and time spent in Russia. Not only is Barbara an artist with paints but she is obsessed “self-described” with needlepoint. I recall how many lovely pieces she brought to Skein Lane to have finished into pillows. I do wish I had taken photos back then….maybe I did but that was before I had an iPhone camera with all its storage capabilities. But wait….Barbara has posted some of her needlepoint work on her site.  I am delighted that we are in the midst of planning when we can catch up over coffee before her next upcoming trip to Russia mid-May.



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I save almost everything…my grammar school report cards, 1st bookmark I made for my mother, my autograph book from 5th grade….you would think I would have saved the program from the field trip to Fort Mason to the Norway Day Festival. This was just last Sunday….where did I put the materials? Oh well….the power of the internet comes to the rescue!

Vista on our walk from bus to Ft Mason

A few of us knitters and a spouse boarded Bart and headed to San Franciso ….we then hopped onto a Muni-bus…..rode to the last stop on that line….then trekked for a distance from Bay St to Pope passing Aquatic Park on our right. It was a lovely hike and majestic to see the Golden Gate Bridge come into view.

Overlooking Ft Mason view into Golden Gate Bridge

Overlooking Ft Mason view into Golden Gate Bridge

We walked a little further until we came upon the staircase that would take us down to Pier Level to Fort Mason….and there it was…the 20th Norway Day Festival.

Guess what drew us to the festival…yep it was knitting! One of the first vendors we saw was the Lacy Knitters Guild – Spindles and Flyers. The spinners were comfortably seated…spinning. In the background was a woman of 90 arranging knitted works….one of which was knit by her grandmother from an original rayon. This is a bit of family history that I would love to have explored!

Spinners of Lacy Knitting Guild

Woman of 90 years of age arranging display

Woman of 90 years of age arranging display

Display knit piece with original rayon!

We began walking up the first aisle of two…and we were quickly taken with so many visual wonders. The Norwegian arts are bright and inviting. We stopped at RanDisign booth which was stocked with knitted and felted wonders as well as beautiful crocheted jewelry.

RanDisign – Felted Scarves

RanDisign Jewelry

RanDisign – Owner Randi Adams

One of the next booths of visual delight was Viking Pottery….I love pottery.. if I had more rooms or even space in existing rooms I would have brought something(s) home from this booth. I first chatted with the woman in the booth…assuming that she was artist and that she was accompanied by the man next to her…..wrong he was the artist and she was accompanying him.


At random some of the other delights included the tole work, the painted clogs, the Norweigan dress, the skaters….


Norwegian Dress

Clogs at Mi Disign

California Rosemalers Assoc

….now I was off  to a “movie” break in the Festival. The rest of the gang was doing their personal tour…the joy of such friendships is that we can travel at our own pace and meet back to share our discoveries.

Will be back in the morning with the conclusion to this wonderful adventure!

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