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Marlie de Swart of Black Mountain Weavers always shows interesting and creative designs at our Skein Lane Retreat One of those this past retreat was the simple but elegant ribbed shrug…the design simple…the results elegant. Susanne was inspired by the garment and here is her verson.

Marlie shared her pattern….Susanne used two yarns – Black Mountain double strand mohair and acrylic for the 2×2 rib, and Art Fibers Pachino 85% extrafine mernino and 15% nylon for the 1×1 rib. These yarns are light worsted weight yarns.

Gauge….be sure to swatch (30 stitches) with your yarn choice in 1 x 1 rib pattern. Then the goal is to take the desired bust measurement, divide by 2 to get back measurement. You will be knitting a rectangle and folding it over to join seams and create armholes, thus the rectangle is the width of the back of the shrug. Determine your gauge – divide 30 sts by inches measured in your swatch. Multipy that number by desired width of back. Then cast on those stitches and follow the directions below. In Susanne’s case she cast on 126 stitches. You can use one color throughout or follow Susanne’s creation of two colors – one color for the  2×2 rib and the other color for the 1×1 rib.The shrug back

The pattern….

  • With size 7 needle, CO 126 sts.
  • Work 2 x 2 rib for 7″.
  • With 2nd color, work 1 x 1 rib for 12″.
  • With 1st color, work 2 x 2 rib for 7″.
  • Cast off.
  • Fold over and sew the 2 x 2 rib sections together.
The finished shrug

The finished shrug

You now have a shrug. I can’t wait to start mine…which yarn should I use? My choices are endless here at the Studio!

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A couple of weeks ago our Saturday morning knitting group went on a “field trip”. We traveled to Artfibers in Pinole and knit amongst the wonderful fibers. Some of us walked away with yarn for new projects. Diane and I looked, awed, and then sat down to knit on existing projects.

I am knitting a summer shell/tank out of MaggiKnits linen in dusty rose. Diane is knitting a stole with Queensland Collection’s Kathmandu in smoky gray (yarn available through Skein Lane Studio) – it is trimmed with Crystal Palace’s Waikiki in a deep vibrant blue. Will show both when completed. Notice the colorful quilt that is hanging on the wall behind of us. I emailed Rox of Artfibers last night and here’s her info on the beautiful quilt.

The quilt was designed and made by a good friend and wonderful quilter named Evelyn who lives in New Zealand.  On one of our trips to New Zealand, Evelyn gave me a sneak preview of a show where this quilt was being shown along with a series of others she had made on the theme of stained glass.  I fell in love with this piece.  She came to stay with us for a bit last spring and we
got the pleasure of showing her some of the wonders of the SF Bay area.  When she departed, she presented the quilt to us as a gift (made me cry!).   It is nice to have a large wall to show it on.  It’s a powerful piece that really adds so much to the ambiance of Artfibers!”

PJ is knitting a scarf for her son Sam – she is knitting it in Bouton d’or’s Ksar – the pattern Textural Scarf in Scarves by Judith. Check out the Ravelry link  http://www.ravelry.com/projects/PJKnitsUFOs/textural.

PJ did purchase some yarn, She bought 1300 yards of Tsuki, a silk/mohair laceweight that she plans to carry along with some merino that she purchased when when traveled in New Zealand. Her thought is she will make a cardigan, but so far she has only swatched and sketched. Words directly from PJ.

It was a fun time knitting and shopping (for some) at Artfibers. We will journey there again.

Carol had fun selecting new yarn and then relaxed as you can see in the last photo.

Nina and Terry were off shopping when these photos were taken!

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