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Baby Surprise Sweater - "Prototype"

I remember the first time I saw the beginnings of a “Baby Surprise” Sweater.….a customer came into my retail shop – Skein Lane – with the sweater in progress and a copy of the recently “released” pattern (Knitter’s Magazine 1999 I believe). The original pattern designed by knitting guru Elizabeth Zimmerman was first published in 1968.

Well….I have to tell you I was more than a little puzzled about how that this strange piece of knitted fabric was going to fold up into a such a great baby sweater. Thus, I knit my “Baby Surprise” prototype in 1999….I needed to understand what my customer was experiencing. I chose Noro yarn….a wonderfully variegated wool….I was so excited that after I got the first ball knit I headed over to my store (I was the shop owner and I had the keys)….it was 9 at night…it was dark. I chose what I thought was the same color way…it wasn’t and that mistake was one of the best I’ve made. It added more life to the project. I trimmed it with Brown Sheep’s old offering of Prairie Silk yarn.

Baby Surprise "folded/molded" into sweater!

I’ve knit several since then and have seen renditions from customers. The  most recent creations to share are the two knit by Connie (Friday morning Skein Lane knit workshop) and the one I just completed for Bill’s recently born great grandson Conner.

Be sure to check out ravelry.com for more renditions of this great design! And Kimberly just completed her rendition of this great design that  you can see on her blog.

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…..knitting nights that is? The needles clicked….the stories rolled…..the blasphemies came forth.

“God damn it!” from Marsha. She was a stitch off and wasn’t having any of it!

“I should have gone to sleep after row 28 last night!” Tonight  Carol had unknit row 29 of a complicated pattern – the Japanese inspired bolero/shrug – more than once.

Mary shared the trials and tribulations that she had getting a hat underway. The hat is doing just fine …. actually so is Mary but she did have moments getting her project underway.

I counted the spacing for the buttonholes on my baby surprise sweater more than a couple of times. It was the longest damn row! …..I will be done in the next couple days! The baby has been born.

There was something not quite right in the knitting air….we clicked and clucked ….more to be said…and yet parted with the joy that knitting truly binds us together. One of the parting thoughts, “If we keep at this, Carolyn won’t know that we are rolling into midnight!” It wasn’t midnight but we all felt like it could head that way!

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