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Barbara Scott

Barbara Scott

It was just a month ago that we remembered Barbara Scott  …. she passed away on Feb 24. She and her husband Bob have been life long friends with Jean (of our knitting circle) and her husband Bob…..friends since college. I have “followed” Barbara through Jean. The memorial service was last Saturday…..I asked Jean how it went. Jean described a loving ceremony and celebration of Barbara’s life. With Jean’s permission…..

“It was a very touching service.  Church had to bring in extra chairs for the overflow crowd.  The minister, a woman knitter who had become a personal friend of Barbara’s, gave a lovely “sermon” entitled “A Stitch in Time” in which she referred to the strands that make up the fabric of our lives and spoke glowingly of Barbara’s love of knitting and teaching and sharing.  There was a nice reception afterwards at the church and her family had changed clothes so that everyone (husband, son, daughter-in-law, two grandchildren) was wearing a sweater knit by Barbara.  The walls were hung with her knit sweaters!

We then went back to the house and were able to visit with the family and old friends.  I’ve saved the program to give to you on Friday.  I keep thinking back to Saturday.  It really was a touching tribute to her active life.  Besides knitting, she was very active in her church, in water exercise programs, PEO, a prayer group, was class secretary for the class of 1958 at Cal, etc. etc.  The last musical selection played at her service was “Hail to California” and those of us who knew the words were able to sing!”

Indeed a lovely tribute to Barbara’s life.

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