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Yesterday was a day of many joys…..knitting workshop in the morning…I am ever inspired by the knitting and thoughts of all the knitting groups who gather with Skein Lane.  Back track another day to Friday….there were those of who caught up on the Colorado fires. Several of us had and have family and friends to concern us….the good news is that none of those lost their homes to fire! Now I hear the rains have come…we have new worries for our family and friends.

Now to Saturday group – those of you who haven’t heard…Nina’s husband Abe died this past Monday. We were all so grateful that she came to yesterday’s Saturday knitting workshop not just to knit and share but be comforted. We have journeyed, through our knitting time, with Nina and Abe’s illness. Many of us did not know Abe personally….but we knew him through Nina. I felt like I knew something about him…and I did….then I read his obit. I finished my reading feeling humbled, grateful, and sad about his leaving us. Thank you Abe for all of your contributions!

I will have to write the next of my thoughts “About what has been going on” separately.

Blessings and love to Nina and her family!

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